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three good reasons to believe that the Blues will win the Six Nations

DECRYPTIONNew challenge for the XV of France. The Blues made the French dream last Saturday against Wales. But will they be able to do the same this Friday evening at the Stade de France against Scotland, and postpone the Six Nations Tournament? For the French, it is the opportunity to win a competition that they have not won since 2010. For the dream to come true, they will have to win by a large margin, with at least four tries and 21 points ahead. . A difficult challenge … But here are three good reasons to believe!

1) They have already done it, and not just once!

In the history of the competition, such a gap in favor of the French against Scotland has happened eight times, and in particular in 2007. It was the same scenario: the Blues received Scotland for the last match, with obligation to earn widely. “I remember very well, since I was playing”, says Pascal Papé, quadruple winner of the Tournament with the Blues, at the microphone of Europe 1. “We had to gain more than 22 or 23 points to win the Tournament, and we did it, so it’s doable, ”he says. Indeed, the Blues had won 46-19 with six marked tries.

2) They are the best team of the moment

According to Pascal Papé, the players of the XV of France are currently “better than those of other nations, and in all positions”. Several generations come together, which makes it possible to combine different talents and skills. Result: “The players are efficient and able to achieve results”, judge Pascal Papé.

In addition, the Blues will be able to count on the reinforcements of two quality players: the opener Romain Ntamack and the second row Bernard Le Roux, back from injury. The match will also see Gaël Fickou, the group’s most experienced player, start on the wing, and Swan Rebbadj start for the first time. A team that promises a thrilling game for viewers.

3) A cautious but combative state of mind

The players of the XV of France are aware that we will have to be careful. “We know that we have in front of us the best defense of the Tournament”, admits Laurent Labit, the coach of the French attack, questioned by Europe 1. “We must be able to build our match, he We have to do things in order. We will take care to build our game patiently, “he adds. A caution that will undoubtedly avoid errors and precipitation and bring maturity to the game.

“The young players are aware that it’s been ten years that we haven’t won. They know that it would be something big. Me all the more because I ate bad bread with the older generation,” adds Gaël Fickou. “It’s been so long that everyone has been waiting for this. But we must not mix everything up: we focus first on the victory. Then, gradually, if we can go for the title, we will go without hesitation “, added the most experienced of the Blues of 2021.

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“The challenge is to perform well and win the match. The rest will depend on the scenario and the construction of the match. What is very important is to focus on performance and on winning. of the match “, for his part said coach Fabien Galthié, anxious not to put too much pressure.

Heard on europe1:

This pressure, it must not be heavy

An approach hailed by Pascal Papé, for whom the management of pressure will be the key to the match. “I remember that in 2007, Bernard Laporte, who was a coach, really did not take the lead at all with this points gap over the week. We knew we had to play a great game but it was not not the priority of priorities. It was really to win this match, “recalls the former international. “I think the French will be as focused as against England, against Wales and Ireland. And Italy. And precisely, that’s where they have to be good. that this pressure, it must not be heavy. On the contrary, it must be a good pressure that will really bring them into the game, “he analyzes.

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So can the XV of France get there? Answer this Friday at 9 p.m. on France 2.

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