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thousands of festival-goers gathered to celebrate “Holi”


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A. Forget, S. Yadav, A. Védeilhé

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Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, some cities in India have not given up on organizing “Holi”, the festival of colors. This is one of the country’s greatest traditions.
It is a thousand-year-old tradition in India. The feast of “Holi” celebrates the transition from winter to spring every year. In the streets of Vrindavan, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, passers-by are sprayed with colored powder. And despite the Covid-19 pandemic, many Indians would not have missed this holiday for the world. “Holi is the festival of joy (…) All our problems are forgotten”, tells Nitin Kaushik, an actor from New Delhi. He and his friends drove three hours to celebrate the festival in this sacred city.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many cities have decided to cancel the celebrations, but in Vrindavan, masks and social distancing are being forgotten. The participants pass each other by the thousands. “The Covid, it’s gone, it will come back after Holi”, smiles a festival-goer. Behind this celebration, India commemorates Hindu deities, including Krishna. “Holi is celebrated in the streets, but also with the family, in India of course, and by Indian communities abroad”, concludes journalist Angélique Forget, special correspondent for France Televisions, at the heart of the party.

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