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This is the kind of life the children of the humble Gordon Ramsay spend: A father keeps strict discipline – even boyfriends have to accept – Entertainment

Ramsay has said it is pointless for her children to dream of inheritance money. On holiday trips, children sit in the “pig ward” while the father enjoys champagne in the business class.

Did you think that children from ecclesiastical families live in abundance? Not all.

A top British chef who recently visited Finland Gordon Ramsay keeps their children extremely strict, Mirrormagazine reveals.

Ramsay has five children: Megan, 23, Holly, 21, Jack, 21, Matilda, 19, and Oscar, 1. According to Mirror, he has the final say on his children’s jobs, social partners, and even seating on the plane.

Ramsay earned $ 70 million last year, according to a Forbes listing. His net worth is estimated at more than $ 200 million. However, his children will benefit little from his father’s property.

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Ramsay has said the children will not inherit his property under any circumstances. However, he is willing to finance 25 percent of the price of his children’s housing, but by no means the entire housing.

“I don’t mean to be mean, I just don’t want to spoil them,” Ramsay says.

Ramsay has not said what he wants his property to be used for after he dies. However, he is known to have supported a variety of charities, so he is likely to donate his legacy largely to charity.

Gordon Ramsay is known as a cursing rag, but from his children he does not accept such behavior.­

Offspring cannot benefit from his father’s property even during his lifetime. This is because it has strict rules for its children and they are not flexible.

On joint vacation trips, Ramsay heads with his wife, Tana, to business class, while the kids fly in economy class. According to Ramsay, this keeps their feet on the ground and their minds motivated.

According to him, it is absurd for someone to buy tickets for their children in business class, as these do not need the services it provides or more spacious seats. Ramsay says he scratched his neck in the slime in front of his money, unlike his children. The amenities he thinks should be earned.

Children are not welcome, even briefly, to greet their parents in the business class. Ramsay says she wants to rest in peace and enjoy a ten-course menu with champagne. He doesn’t need his children for that.

– When we get on the plane, I turn left with Tana and the children turn right. I ask the purser to make sure those little bastards don’t come close to us, Ramsay said in 2017.

According to Ramsay, his goal is to raise his children so that it makes more sense to spend the money on the destination itself than on the way out.

In 2017, Ramsay said she will pay her youngest children a $ 50 weekly allowance to cover all their expenses, from clothing to bus tickets and phone bills. The eldest daughter who studied at the university received $ 100.

“The sooner they learn to save on their own sneakers and jeans, the better,” Ramsay explained.

Gordon and Tana Ramsay photographed with their daughters in 2011.­

Often, children from successful families also benefit from their parents when looking for work. It is different in the Ramsay family. Even if one of the children would like to take the path indicated by his father in the restaurant industry, there will be no jobs in currant Ramsay’s own restaurants.

– If you want to work for my company, go to another chef, learn something new, and come back when you have new ideas to improve your business, Ramsay outlines.

Ramsay does not force her children to cook, but on the other hand has made sure that these can cook.

– Cooking is a Life Skill for them, not a career path. I don’t want them to go to the kitchen with a nameplate on their chest and people thinking, “that’s Ramsay’s girl or boy”.

According to Ramsay, from an early age, her children have covered and cleaned the table with every single meal. Ramsay doesn’t want to pamper her children or let them go easily.

Ramsay’s children are also not allowed to waste their money on taxis, for example, but travel to places on foot or by public transport. It is also pointless for children to dream of the services of a personal trainer, no matter how purposefully they play sports.

– When we trained for the marathon and hired a personal trainer, I denied it to my children. No one needs a personal trainer at age 18, Ramsay says.

Gordon and Tana Ramsay have been married since 1996. They have five children.­

Ramsay is known for his opinions defending meat-eating, and he is remembered for, among other things, the stirring rapture in which he fed meat to vegetarians without them knowing about it.

– My worst nightmare would be if one of my children reported not eating meat anymore. I would plant him on a fence and give him an electric shock, Ramsay says.

Ramsay has taught her children from an early age where food comes from on plates. In 2005, he roared when he told his children to say goodbye to the turkeys they raised. The youngest daughter, Matilda, was only a toddler at the time.

– See you in the oven, Ramsay is said to have added at the end of the farewell ceremony.

The families of Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham are close, but Ramsay does not allow his daughters to get too close with Beckham’s sons.­

Ramsay has his word to say even to son-in-law and mini-candidates. The Ramsay family is known to be very close David and Victoria Beckhamin with family. Among other things, they have spent Christmas together and Beckham’s son Cruz has posted pictures on social media with Matilda Ramsay.

Ramsay has warned her daughters not to be too close with the Beckhams. He would not accept the socialization of these.

– Three boys and a girl – three girls and a boy. We have good synergy, but if Holly said she and Brooklyn were dating, the answer would be an absolute no, Ramsay has said.

Ramsay, commonly known as the mouthpiece, does not accept swearing from the mouths of his children, but strictly adheres to the principle of “do not do as I do, but as I command”.

– They know I use ugly words. I have explained that it is industry language. They don’t swear, and they don’t walk around shouting the v-word.

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