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This is how the number of doping tests has changed during a corona pandemic – Suek publishes talkative figures – Sports

Suek conducted nearly 2,600 doping tests last year. Four athletes received a four-year operating ban.

Coronavirus pandemic was expected to complicate doping testing for athletes, but test numbers in Finland remained more or less unchanged. Last year, the Finnish Sports Ethics Center Suek conducted a total of almost 2,600 doping tests in Finland and abroad.

A year earlier, 2,725 tests were performed.

Of Suek’s 2,599 doping tests last year, 2,439 were part of a national testing program. The Center for Actual Doping Test Samples taken by Suek took 343 blood samples for the Athlete Biological Passport System.

The most tests were performed on athletes (254 tests), hockey players (191), cross-country skiers (162), soccer players (160), powerlifters (111), and American football players (100).

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Of the tests in the national testing program, 1,044 were competition-related and 1,395 non-competition-related. Seven doping violations were found, four of which led to a four-year ban on sports and three to a three-month ban. Of those with the longest doping convictions, three were fitness athletes and one American football player. In addition to these sports, judgments came in billiards and athletics.

Testing safety is key

Although test numbers remained virtually unchanged, test practices had to be changed to comply with the official guidelines for corona and the Wada guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Council.

– Despite the challenging year, the national testing program was implemented as planned. The continuation of operations during the pandemic was made possible by the training of test personnel and the active informing of athletes and sports actors about changes in testing, comments Suek’s test manager Katja Huotari in the bulletin.

Suek previously published a survey of athletes, according to which Finnish athletes trust Suek’s operations and the continuation of testing during the pandemic. They found the testing safe.

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– In our testing activities, we have made every effort to ensure matters related to the health and safety of both athletes and test personnel, Huotari emphasized.

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