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This is how the institutions prepare to receive gang criminals

In Sweden, there are three institutions that have departments with the highest security rating. The Phoenix wards at Kumla, Halll and Saltvik are specially adapted for inmates who the Swedish Prison and Probation Service deems to have a high risk of escaping or being released.

Few are considered high-risk inmates

Of the total of about 50 people who are now being prosecuted for serious crime in Gothenburg, Norrköping and Stockholm, it is not certain that all will be considered to have to sit in the security department, says Jörgen From Nordin, head of security at the Swedish Prison and Probation Service.

– It is our General Counsel who makes that assessment. Quite a few come up in the high risk group. We have good opportunities to receive both in the security department and in class 1 institutions, he says.

20 or so inmates

The Phoenix wards currently have around 20 so-called security clients, who are estimated to have a high risk of escape, a high risk of violence or a high risk of serious misconduct. In total, there are about 70 places.

In the Class 1 institutions, the security class under the Fenxia wards, the occupancy rate according to the latest figures is 95 percent.

How many people sit together in the high-risk wards depends on what the constellation looks like, which inmates work with each other. This also includes gang affiliation, inmates should not sit with rival gang members with whom they have conflicts.

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– This is what we do with all placement, it is a job we have all the time. We look at the fact that there is no old grudge between those you sit with, says Jörgen From Nordin.

Divides the gangs

Another aspect is that inmates if they belong to a gang grouping should not be placed with other members of the same group as this makes it more difficult to leave the criminal path.

– Sweden has the attitude that we split the gangs in our institutions, in many other countries they do not do that but place them together, says Jörgen From Nordin.

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