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This is how the Ingelsta murder took place – the murder patrol’s words after the shooting

In the days before and just after the murder in the Ingelsta area, there was feverish activity on the encrypted chat tool Encrochat between the six now accused men. The suspects have fully trusted that the tool has been encrypted and write completely openly about their plans, confident that no one else will benefit.

According to the preliminary investigation report, the suspects chatted about their plans for how the murder would take place on Encrochat. Among other things, the plan to set fire to the getaway car in Yxbacken in Åby and how the murder would go – the perpetrators would shoot from the car were discussed.

“Brother, I’ve been counting on time and so on. If I jump
out of the car, there is a 50-50 chance that aina gets too close
us, so better to drop all shots from the car instead brother then
I will take another route to xxxx (one of the suspects) because aina has too good
roads to us otherwise because this will be slaughtered then “, writes one of the now accused on Encrochat.

(Aina = slang for the police)

In a chat log from Encrochat, one of the men, who the prosecutor believes carried out the murder, tells in detail how it happened:

Photo: the police.

“Scar” = slang term for “car”. Photo: The police.

“Kalle” = hose for the AK47 Kalashnikov automatic carbine. Photo: The police.

Photo: the police.

As a result of the shooting, a 37-year-old man with a connection to No Surrender died. A man resident in Örebro County survived the attack. In the Encrochat thread, you can see how the men then follow the media coverage of the act and how they hope that both men they shot died.

Photo: the police.
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All defendants deny any wrongdoing.

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