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This is how the government’s proposal on restrictions on movement changed in the last few meters – Outdoor activities are no longer limited to the courtyard – Politics

IS data: The scale is starting to tilt in the direction of the Government presenting restrictions on movement to Parliament later this week.

As a result of last night’s government talks, the Government has continued to file a proposal on movement restrictions today, Wednesday, so that it can be accepted by all parliamentary groups in the governing parties.

The new proposal is due to be considered by the parliamentary groups of the governing parties when they meet tonight to discuss the rejection or approval of new tough interest rate restrictions.

The Prime Minister’s Office is due to publish the proposal and its reasons tonight.

Government sources it is estimated that the answers to the details have now been such that they should also satisfy the parliamentary groups. The scales are starting to tilt in the direction that the Government is likely to present restrictions on movement to Parliament later this week.

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The required grounds for the necessity of restrictions have also been found.

There was a lot of twisting yesterday Tuesday about just the necessity of the restriction and whether they are sufficient.

In addition to the changes to the articles, the government has written more clearly into the proposal, which is why no other means, such as the closure of business premises, are sufficient in this situation to contain the epidemic.

Private encounters are a significant source of infection and are estimated to be not addressed effectively enough by individual mask escapes and milder restrictions.

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In particular, the Left Alliance has pushed for individual action instead of restrictions on movement, and the Greens have also spoken of masking the force and enhancing communication as an alternative.

Government no longer convenes today after parliamentary group meetings.

If the parliamentary groups get the green light for the proposal, we can proceed with the matter at the Government session tomorrow, Thursday.

Individual clarifications to the proposal can still be made on this schedule, but if a parliamentary group demands more significant changes to the proposal, the five leaders of the governing parties and the chairmen of the parliamentary groups will still have to meet in the morning to consider further steps.

According to IS data, the Left Alliance is most in pain with restrictions on movement. The Alliance of the Left, the Greens and the RKP talked about it at their meetings tonight.

Evening News sai today take over the bill dated Tuesday.

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Even during the restrictions, outdoor activities would be possible “for recreation or fitness” with up to two other people.

According to IS data, there was disagreement among the government yesterday on Tuesday, among other things, about whether outdoor activities would be allowed only in the vicinity of one’s own home or also elsewhere.

The wording of the bill was previously strict: “The prohibition applies to leaving the enclosed or demarcated courtyard of a residential property.”

The delimitation of the outdoor area was originally intended to prevent people from traveling further away from home to go outside, for example by public transport.

According to IS data, the section has now been clarified so that the permitted outdoor area does not only include the yard of your own home. The area is not limited in kilometers, and movement would be possible in a wider area.

In addition to this, today, among other things, a section was clarified, according to which the restriction on movement could be waived if an elderly person or other close person falls ill or needs help.

The law also wants to take into account the possibility for different families to meet their loved ones. Among other things, partners living in different parts of the city could meet each other even during a period of movement restriction.

For Tuesdays According to the draft proposal dated 1 January 2006, movement is permitted in order to obtain, inter alia, foodstuffs, foodstuffs, medicines, fuel or other similar essentials for personal life.

The draft proposal also mentions, among other things, banking and postal services, the use of health and social care services, the performance of duties related to official or employment relations, and business and enterprise activities.

You should still travel to your own or permanently managed holiday home, but short-term rental cottage trips would not be allowed.

Freer movement would be made possible for children born in 2008 or later who are allowed to go out and play outdoors with other children.

The draft law also includes a mask obligation, although the term “obligation to use” is used more leniently. A mandatory fine of € 40 could be imposed for a mandatory use of a face mask or respirator.

The mask obligation would apply to those born before 2007 and the mask should be kept indoors and in vehicles with persons other than members of the same household.

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