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This is how the Government distributes direct aid per inhabitant: Madrid, relegated to tenth place and Galicia, the last


Vice President Calvio does not respond to Isabel Daz Ayuso’s letter of request for explanations

The Minister of Finance, Mara Jess Montero, this Thursday in the Congress of DeputiesJaime GarcaWORLD
The companies and freelancers of the Community of Madrid are the tenth in the distribution per inhabitant that makes the window of the Ministry of Finance of the longed-for direct aid. This is the package of 7,000 million from the central government that is independent of European funds.

The government has relegated the community that houses the capital to tenth place in relation to its population, a common indicator to measure the proportionality of a fund for the regions. In these terms


inhabitant, the great winner is the Balearic Islands, chaired by the socialist Francina Armengol, with 744 euros

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, seven times more than the 101 in Madrid and almost ten times the 86 assigned to Galicia, which has been in the last position of the distribution.

In absolute figures, the Treasury attributes 679 million to the Community of Madrid in line with the figure advanced by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, last weekend in an act of the PSOE electoral campaign. They are 30% less than the close to one billion allocated to the Generalitat de Catalua, despite the similar economic and population weight of both traditional engines of the Spanish Gross Domestic Product.

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The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, requested explanations by letter to the economic vice president, Nadia Calvio,

but still no response has been obtained since last Monday, according to sources from the regional Executive.

Finally, the first five communities per inhabitant are the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands at a great distance from the rest of Andalusia, Catalonia and the Valencian Community after updating, according to the Ministry of Finance, the criteria of last January to distribute the European fund called React EU.

Aid according to regions

This is clear from the figures announced yesterday by the Department of Mara Jess Montero that confirms the commitment to give priority to the archipelagoes and not to use the same criteria for both communities governed by the PSOE as for the rest. He does not reason it in the Ministerial Order published yesterday in the Official State Gazette.

If the Balearic Islands win in proportion, in absolute figures no community, not even the tourist and most populated Andalusian, surpasses the Canary Islands, which harvest 1,144 million.

The Madrid Finance Minister, Javier Fernndez Lasquetty, was the first to publicly revolt after officially learning about the cast. We have been unpleasantly surprised to see how Madrid is once again punished by the Pedro Sánchez government, Lasquetty said. He stressed that Madrid is given 9% of the pie when it represents 14% of the population and 19% of the economy. In other words, Madrid will receive 101 euros per inhabitant while Catalonia will receive 130 and Valencia 128, he criticized. It cannot continue to be tolerated that Snchez punishes in this case the autonomous companies and SMEs in Madrid that are having a bad time for political and electoral reasons. It is unfair.

The president of Castilla y Len,

Alfonso Fernndez Maueco, for his part, described as arbitrary the distribution

. His community will receive 232.5 million euros and there is a somewhat better stop per inhabitant than in the previous distribution of the European React fund last January, due to, in his opinion, his repeated demands. But he has affirmed that the result is not enough and asked that the Government urgently convene a Fiscal and Financial Policy Council to establish a fair distribution system.

Distribution of the aid fund

The Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Andaluca, Elas Bendodo, also protested: “The Canary Islands, which have practically the same population as the province of Malaga and receive more money than Andalusia, which has eight and a half million inhabitants (…) Well it is a tourist area, but Andalusia too, in 2019 it received 33 million visitors, a third of what the country received.

For her part, the Galician Minister of Employment and Equality, Mara Jess Lorenzana, considered the amount allocated to Galicia, 234.47 million, absolutely incomprehensible. It seems that the money is distributed first and then the criteria were set, he reproaches.

The Treasury assured that it has used the same indicators and with the same weighting

they have in the React fund allocation, just updated. That React cast was also heavily criticized.

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