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This is how restaurants follow the Public Health Agency’s new rules

To reduce the risk of spreading the infection, the Public Health Authorities tightened the rules on 1 March this year. Nowadays, it is forbidden for parties of more than one person to be served in lunch places, cafes and restaurants located inside a mall or other trading place. During a new inspection at the shopping centers Hötorgshallen, K25 and Kungshallen in City, all the remarks were received which now have to be rectified.

– Many do not seem to have changed at all and that they have not changed how the guests should sit, says Kristine Fornander, unit manager for food control at the environmental administration Stockholm city.

A rule seems to be easier to follow

The inspection in the city of Stockholm is carried out by the environmental administration’s inspectors who are out for inspections four days a week. Recently, the inspections carried out have been based on public complaints about congestion. It has been about how restaurants have managed to adhere to the rule of serving parties of up to four people and about limiting opening hours to 20:30. Inspections have been made in both the inner city and the outer city.

– The rule that has been easiest to keep is that the restaurants close at 20:30. There have been no problems at all, she says.

Inspections can lead to fines

A total of 763 inspections have been carried out at the beginning of the year, mainly at restaurants and restaurants. 238 pieces, ie one third have not followed the rules but received remarks. During the inspectors’ return visit, 42 have had remaining deviations and received an order for a fine of between 10,000 and 25,000 kronor.

– So far this year, 9 cases have been taken to the administrative court, says Krinstine Fornander.

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