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This is how ordinary citizens react to a proposal for restrictions on movement – Markus throws a seed of doubt into the air – Domestic

Something needs to be done in this situation, the message from the citizens condensed.

Dozens on Friday morning, MPs filed their speeches in their offices to discuss a bill temporarily restricting freedom of movement and close contacts in parliament.

The speeches took place in the afternoon when Parliament began to consider the government’s proposal. There was a sharp twist in the Chamber, especially between the ruling parties and the opposition. Opposition officials will not bite to swallow the planned restrictive measures.

What about the deep lines of the people, what kind of line to the planned restrictions will the subordinates take?

A stone’s throw from the Parliament, Kamppi Narinkkatori rarely moves people than gives a foretaste of possible approaching movement restrictions.

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A young woman approaches Alko from Narinkkatorin with a black mask on her face. Alcohol is restricted outside the movement restrictions. In the government’s proposal, the products sold at Alko are equated with food, which is especially suitable for a woman with a mask face.

Hanna Gullichsen­

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– I like a wine blog and I have to look for Easter wines to judge, food writer and influencer Hanna Gullichsen says.

Gullichsen’s assessments of the planned movement restrictions are contradictory.

– I understand that something needs to be done if people don’t stick to it and follow the restrictions.

Then is that other side. Concerns about the survival of the restaurant industry in particular bite the industry close to the next Gullichsen. But the worry doesn’t just stay there, it gets closer inside the walls of the home. The planned restrictions, if implemented, would also strike at the family’s livelihood.

– The man will probably have to close his own sports shop, luckily I can work from home, Gullichsen says.

The Coalition Party, who withdrew from the Coalition’s municipal election candidacy, says he is embarrassed by how conflicting the messages come from the direction of the government.

– As an entrepreneur, I am worried about how companies are treated in this situation.

camp next to the bus station, the lady is coming from a coronary patient.

Pirjo Koskenniemi­

– A close relative is sick with corona, I just went to take the food bag they ordered behind the door. Through the window, it was discussed over the phone, Pirjo Koskenniemi says.

Korona has come close. It gives perspective.

– It’s a serious illness. I am inclined to trust the experts when they present restrictions on movement.

The proposed restrictions largely include a dozen exceptions. One of them is allowed to go to your own property or summer house. Koskenniemi intends to use that opportunity in the situation, to leave the stone city of Töölö to the rural landscapes of Lohja.

– We were there last spring too, that exception suits us quite well, Koskenniemi says.

Koskenniemi is also in favor of mask compulsion.

– It should have come earlier, he says.

Question the mask getaway is easy for a leisurely gentleman to ride a bike.

– Of course, the mask compulsion is good, the order could have come earlier, Markus Lassila says.

But restrictions on movement, for them the matter is more complex.

– Of course, health must go first, but what is the benefit of restrictions in relation to the costs it entails, is it in reasonable terms? Lassila ponders.

According to him, it would be important to control home meetings and the spread of the corona in them.

– I’m a little skeptical, purevatko restrictions on movement in the home meetings, Lassila says.

In his opinion, Parliament could take a little more time in the movement restrictions.

– If the situation were bad in a couple of weeks, then movement would be restricted, Lassila says.

Finns are a people who follow the rules. If something is agreed then it is followed. This was what the previous interviewees had believed, and the next interviewee next to Kamppi Chapel is no exception. Restrictions narrow the life cycle of a single person living alone.

Veera Alahuhta­

– Surely quite a few will experience the same. However, I believe that citizens will comply with restrictions on movement if they come, Veera Alahuhta says.

Alahuhta strongly trusts that the government’s situation is correct.

– If such hard actions are taken, I do not think that they will be reached on light grounds, Alahuhta ponders.

Although the face now does not have a mask in the open air, the compulsion imposed on its use is gaining some understanding.

– It probably makes sense, but I can’t say whether it should have been in place earlier.

Most critically restrictions on the movement of morning walkers envisaged by the government Eero.

– The government’s activities in corona management have been a bit confusing and unclear. Costing! There is no cost calculation, no one makes calculations of what the price of foreclosures is in relation to what they achieve, Eero ponders.

Although the line did not unreservedly support the introduction of restrictions, Eero has a clear line on compliance.

– If the movement restrictions come, I will comply with them and yes, Finns more broadly will do so, Eero predicts.

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