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This is how bowel cancer should be detected in time

Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer after breast and prostate cancer. Still, there are few regions in the country which carries out screening for the disease, despite the fact that the National Board of Health and Welfare recommended national screening of all 60-74-year-olds already seven years ago.

Screening is thus a screening screening where people in the age group are encouraged to submit stool samples, in order to be able to enter at an early stage with examinations and treatment methods where necessary.

– The reason why you want to start screening is that the tumors develop slowly from small stages that we call polyps until it becomes a manifest cancer. If you then have a positive stool sample, you are offered a bowel examination. If you can remove these pre-stages early, you will be able to reduce mortality from cancer, says chief physician Peter Andersson in Blekinge.

In progress in several regions

Only two regions in the country, the Stockholm and Gotland regions, carry out intestinal screening today. But five more regions are already underway this year – and for Blekinge’s part, it is hoped to be able to start with the method in 2022.

– It is important that we with our information make the population understand that this is very important and save lives and suffering.

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