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This is how AI can help you buy the right size of clothing online

Between 30-40 percent of fashion purchased online is sent back. According to Anna-Maria Petisme, an industrial doctoral student at the University of Borås, e-commerce companies are very keen to reduce that figure.

– Most people struggle with profitability and it is draining for the economy to have to have an entire organization behind that can unpack and assess all goods that customers send back.

Digital size twin for each body part

The industry is working to develop new technical solutions to help online shoppers find the right size of clothes and shoes immediately. An example is the Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Hellevik who has developed a software where artificial intelligence is used to analyze customers’ purchase history. In this way, the customer can obtain a digital size twin for each body part.

-The technology is simple, but it is based on being prepared to share data with other companies, says Petter Hellevik in The World of Science.

The road to sustainable choice

So far, the software is only available as a trial version. According to Anna-Maria Petisme at the University of Borås, several similar technical solutions are underway – but none have yet been made available to those who shop online.

– It has not been implemented yet, but I think this type of new technology is the only way to get the customer to make more sustainable choices.

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Want to see more about shopping online? See The world of science – E-commerce: The shopping of the future at SVT Play or Monday 29 March at 20.00 on SVT2.

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