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“This is excellent news”, welcomes the president of the Covid-19 vaccine committee

The start of vaccination for people over 70 without comorbidities on Saturday, March 27 “is excellent news”, for the chair of the Covid-19 vaccine committee. Guest of franceinfo, Marie-Paule Kieny explains that “This means that most of the people at risk are now sufficiently covered”. According to her, this shows that vaccination “works”. The vaccinologist now hopes to pass “as quickly as possible to over 65s”.

franceinfo: Is this a sign that things are progressing anyway?

Marie-Paule Kieny : Absolutely, this is great news. This means that most people at risk, therefore over 75 years of age or having co-morbidities, are now sufficiently covered to consider moving to a lower age group.

The hospitalization curve for those over 80 is falling, while that for those over 65 is increasing.

Marie-Paule Kieny

to franceinfo

So we can see that vaccination is working and that more and more people are being protected. Now, it is urgent to move on to over 70s and then, as quickly as possible, to over 65s since we are going to have more doses and more vaccinators.

There is this debate on the vaccination of teachers … Should we vaccinate those most exposed to the virus?

The problem is that when we start to differentiate by profession and by exhibition, there are always debates. Age at least has the advantage of being an indisputable criterion. But of course we now have to look at the exhibitions. It has already been done since caregivers of all ages have been vaccinated. The president announced that it will be possible from mid-April for teachers, which is very good to allow the continuity of the school. At the moment, this is not relevant because the strategy is first to reduce mortality and severe disease. But very quickly, we will want to limit the circulation of the virus so as to be able to limit the arrival of variants which can indeed jeopardize everything. And for that, it is necessary to reduce the transmission. And so, quite naturally, will come the possibility of vaccinating children. To do this, you must first have made good progress with the current vaccination and also have demonstrated that the vaccines are safe for children. What a lot of producers are now doing.

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