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They voted against the party board: “It is a disappointment”

Common in the party is that they want a bourgeois government. The side that was against the party board’s line, however, wanted support from the Green Party instead of the Sweden Democrats.

– If that was not enough, they wanted to go into opposition. The most important thing was not to open the door for SD, Elisabeth Marmorstein, domestic policy commentator, explained in SVT’s broadcast.

Anna Starbrink, group leader for the Liberals in the Stockholm Region, is disappointed with the result, which showed an overwhelming majority (59-31) in favor of the party board’s proposal.

– It’s a disappointment. I had hoped that we would clearly say no to cooperation with SD. But then we have to work together to heal the party, because there was a very big split at the meeting, she tells SVT.

How are you going to unite the party?

– It will require quite a lot of work. I think it is sad that the party leadership did not show interest in agreeing despite the fact that there were compromises on the table.

“You have to be sad for a while”

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Pär Gustafsson (L), chairman of the Gothenburg City Council, thinks that you can be sad for a while but that there has been a good discussion.

– Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It’s just to congratulate the party board. I think we had a good debate and a good discussion. Now you have to be sad and disappointed for a while but then we need to move forward united. We have a lot to do, says Pär Gustafsson.

They all wanted to come to a decision and it was a decision.

– It’s nice with a decision. It is a new situation now and then we have to start from that, says Christer Nylander (L) who was against the party board’s proposal.

Additional claim rejected

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An additional request was made if the party board were to win, which clarified that L would not negotiate a budget with outlying parties. However, the additional claim was voted down.

– I appealed that it would have been good to unite the party, but what was meant by the party board was that it was already clear in their proposal. But many of us did not think it was clear enough. Had the proposal been approved, we would have had a more united party already now, says Anna-Lena Johansson, chairman of the party in Stockholm County.

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