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These songs that make the news. Fast food versus sandwich: the singers’ match

McDo versus traditional sandwich. The song does not forget the happiness of the ham or the butter sausage. (Illustration) (PERRY GERENDAY / MOMENT RF / GETTY IMAGES)

It was more than forty years ago, in 1980, Renaud who brought The Hitchhiker at Jacques Borel. For the younger generations, it is necessary to explain what these highway restaurants were – but there are equivalents today.

And it is not because the sanitary conditions make it impossible for many French people to venture south, pick up hitchhikers and stop in a restaurant, that the news neglects to remind us that the junk food exists and is a profitable business.

We told you about it this week on franceinfo, three former McDonald’s executives have been taken into custody for a suspected tax fraud case, while vacuum sandwich manufacturers have been sentenced to heavy fines for committing themselves. heard for years to distort competition and guarantee their profits. And it all started at that time …

In the second episode of These songs that make the news airing this weekend, you hear excerpts from:

Renaud, The Autostoppeuse, 1980

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Nicole Croisille, Wicked, 1980

Gasoline, Killer Man, 1977

Marie-Paul Belle, The libido alibi, 1978

Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Pogo on the deadline, 1990

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Sheila, Isabelle, 1968

Jean Ferrat, Forgive me miss, 1985

C Jerome, OK for Miami, 1975

Grand Corps Malade, Romeo loves Juliet, 2010

Lynda Lemay, It was worth millions, 2010

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All summer 2016, in the company of Vincent Delerm, we wandered around in La Playlist amoureuse de la chanson, truant exploration of popular heritage. You can also extend the delicacies of this summer column with the French song lover dictionary, co-published by Plon and franceinfo.

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