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These songs that make the news. Artists won’t go to McDonald’s

Mc Donald’s, the fast food brand with the yellow logo has inspired many songwriters and songwriters. (Illustration) (YANN CASTANIER / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

This is the opening of the box of a big mac – a universal sound that musician Matthew Herbert amplified and triturated in his legendary album Mechanics of Destruction, published under the pseudonym Radio Boy in 2001. A sarcastic reflection on the obsessive omnipresence, everywhere in the world, of the fast food brand with the yellow logo.

We told you about it this week on franceinfo, McDonald’s is also in the French judicial news: three former executives of the company have been taken into custody, in a case of alleged tax fraud, which would involve several hundred million euros.

In the first episode of These songs that make the news this weekend, you hear excerpts from:

Radio Boy, Macdonalds, 2000

Rasta Bigoud, Junk food, 2008

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90C, Junk food, 2003

Pretty kid, Mc Do Mc Strike, 2003

Disiz la Peste, I’m going crazy, 2000

Gilbert Laffaille, Polluted tango, 1977

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Ska-P, McDolar, 2002

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