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these professions who would like to be a priority for vaccination against Covid-19

From the end of April, teachers and law enforcement officials join the list of professions considered exposed to Covid-19, so they can be vaccinated. Other professions would have liked to be cited by Emmanuel Macron, who announced this new stage in the French vaccination campaign. This is the case for garbage collectors, maintenance workers, cashiers, cashiers or bus drivers. All these trades are in contact with the public or customers.

Sometimes we are overworked with a lot of people in the store“, explains Denis, 46 years old and cashier in a supermarket in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. To protect himself, he wears a mask and latex gloves. Plexiglas protection is also placed on his cash register where hundreds parade every day. Too young to be vaccinated, Denis nevertheless considers himself in danger when three of his colleagues have already been infected.

“We are exposed every day and we are a little anxious to wonder if we are going to catch it.”

Denis, cashier

to franceinfo

The more customers there are, the more the risk increases and worries the employees. “When we are on the shelves, there are customers who come too close, sometimes with their masks down, relates Akila, 62, responsible for arranging products on the shelves. So we think about it, we stress for ourselves and also to bring the virus home.”

Also very busy, the Parisian buses saw their protocol lightened in mid-February. The plexiglass walls between the driver and the passengers have disappeared and the sale of tickets on board has resumed. Consequently, the cases of contaminations of the drivers increased, assures Charlie, one of them. He himself has been infected and now says he is anxious to be vaccinated.

I was a little reluctant and now that I have had the Covid I would be happy to be vaccinated, he explains. In a short time, especially on my line, there were four of us at the same time to have the Covid so it’s a bit hot. I find it weird that they (the public authorities) do not take us into account, like many other professions. ” However, even among cashiers, cashiers and bus drivers, not all are ready to be vaccinated.

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