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these parents who prefer not to put their child to school anymore because of the Covid-19

Now it only takes one case of Covid-19 in a classroom to cause it to close. More than 3,000 classes and nearly 150 schools are closed because of the virus, Tuesday, March 30, according to the latest count from the Ministry of National Education. But even in the classes that remain open, some students are missing. Parents have made the choice for a few days, for fear of variants and the explosion of contaminations, to keep their children at home.

With cartoons in the background in the living room, Nawel has alternated since Monday workshops gomettes, drawings, alphabet with his daughter Fériel. The little one is in kindergarten in Mantes-la-Ville (Yvelines). No question of putting it back in class as long as the health situation has not improved: “I have a community on Facebook. And every day I have moms who say ‘I have the Covid’, ‘My child has tested positive,’ My child is sick ‘, what I have to do?”

School is, according to Nawell, too dangerous a place for now:I’m afraid for her. She has her grandfather and grandmother who live next door. She goes to see them regularly. So we don’t know, all of a sudden, what it might be like next, if she brings the virus home. “

On the other side of Île-de-France, in Villeparisis (Seine-et-Marne), mothers are wondering in front of the school. Is it reasonable to continue to take children to class? Reyhan, mother of a college girl and a primary school student, hesitates: “Our students stay between 25 and 30 per class, sometimes with absent teachers so we dispatches the students in the classes. And there, social distancing is no longer possible, the mask is no longer enough.” She wants to protect her children and her family, but she is also thinking about what it would be like to return to home school for her six-year-old.

“One of the things that holds me back is that my daughter is very sore when she no longer sees her classmates. She needs them. I am very divided.”

Reyhan, mother of a middle school student and a primary school student

to franceinfo

Samia has already decided: her son will not go to school this week. “I believe that my son is at risk of catching the Covid and that it turns out badly because in addition, he is asthmatic. I stop the costs, I take over, I have no choice”. Home school does not worry him more than that, there is the experience of the first confinement: “We did it well for I do not know how long. It was not easy but at one point, it is the safety and health of our children, plus our entourage that is at stake. The choice is fact.” Samia would like all schools to be closed in order to benefit from distance learning courses.

Schooling and health risk: report by Victoria Koussa

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