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These comments made during sex are not forgotten – the words of an American man meant to make a mess of cheating – Sex & Relationship

Ilta-Sanomat’s sex poll revealed what kind of comments have been heard during sex at its best – and at worst.

Calling by the wrong name during sex, answering the phone in the middle of everything, and commenting on a mother-in-law are things that are likely to be remembered for even longer.

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On the other hand, even in an intimate moment, said confession of love can be so wonderful that it will be remembered for the rest of your life.

The Finns revealed in Ilta-Sanomat’s sex poll what is the most stopping thing they have been told during sex.

The survey was answered by 5,000 people and was conducted in January.

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This is how the respondents said:

“It happened with one night’s story”

“This happened with one night’s story and actually after sex. We were with the man at the bar in a heated atmosphere, and I think the man was ‘businesslike’. I ended up in a hotel with him, but I didn’t think like this: ‘How much does it cost?’ he asked after sex. ” Female, 36

“I enjoyed it having sex with an American man once, and he could not be silent. He kept repeating in English all the time that ‘Wow, you’re so hot’, ‘oh, you’re so awesome’, ‘ah, you’re so beautiful, oh my God’. I didn’t know what to answer, and all the while I thought Pokka was cheating. ” Female, 31

The consideration of divorce began with the comment my “faithful” husband stumbled upon.

“’Can leave the wrinkle away? ‘ when it came to one night’s story. ” Female, 28

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“It was asked as soon as the act begins, I guess you don’t have STDs. ” Male, 55

“I love you”

“I was shocked, when the man said in the middle of the act he loved me even though we hadn’t felt it in a very long time and our relationship had agreed to exist only for sex. So romantic feelings shouldn’t have been part of it. ” Female, 23

“When my partner said he loved me. It wasn’t the first time he said that to me, but I didn’t expect it at that moment. The situation immediately became much more intimate. ” Female, 22

“When my partner said he loved me, the situation immediately became much more intimate,” said the 22-year-old woman.­

“’I love you ‘, and then slipped from one mouth, “wonderful dear!” even though we were not together. ” Male, 29

“I love you so much, thank you for coming into my life. ” Female, 44

“He put our relationship apart”

“The most stopping it may have been that just before Aktia he wanted to talk and put our social relationship across. I was with him and was 400 miles home. I was in bed naked and excited when the relationship was put across. And then it was supposed to be like nothing had happened. ” Female, 37

“Ex-husband said in the middle of sex after 30 years of marriage that ‘yes you just are the best at sex’. My ride ended like a wall, even though he imagined it to be Praise. The consideration of divorce began with the comment my ‘faithful’ husband stumbled upon. ” Female, 72

“The atmosphere really flattened”

Ensitreffit ended in sex, and the man whispered in my ear during sex that I had everything he ever wanted. The atmosphere really waned – you can’t know that on the first dates. ” Female, 25

“When did not succeed in doing anything: ‘What is really wrong with you?’ ” Male, 37

“At first one at a time after a few minutes: ‘I can’t take it anymore’. And then the gentleman turned his side and went to sleep. ” Female, 24

With the man inside me, he said he dreamed of having sex with my best friend.

“Spouse began to discuss mother-in-law. That’s when the enthusiasm stopped. ” Male, 44

“I said: I want you. The answer was: and you are not the only one. A little unnecessarily stopping, desires disappeared. ” Female, 44

“‘You you really don’t come easily ‘. Then I wrestled with orgasmic difficulties and performance pressures. ” Male, 30

“The man cried in the middle of the act, how he’s still in love with his ex”

“Former a boyfriend called me by the wrong name. ” Female, 43

“‘You you think of something else! ‘ Which was really not the case. ” Male, 54

“Male when I was inside, she said she dreamed of having sex with my best friend. ” Female, 37

“Then partner took the initiative to have sex, said the name of his ex-partner during it – and is unable to do so. ” Male, 25

Suddenly now, I have to go get my husband for a little Christmas.

“Man burst into tears in the middle of the act and cried how still in love with his ex. ” Female, 30

“Baseless accusation of betrayal in the middle of an act. It ended that time, and a few to come. ” Male, 38

“I know, when a man told me how wonderful it was to have sex with another woman. ” Female, 63

“Wait, I’ll answer this pretty soon”

“’Let’s do it another child?’ And this from my ex-mouth, with whom we were no longer together and there was no intention of coming back together. ” Female, 20

“‘Waiting, I answer this very quickly “- and the call takes too long …” Female, 30

”‘ Hey behold, that neighbor is staring at us. ‘ I lived in an apartment building, and we had sex with myself standing and my spouse in my arms. The neighbor had come to the balcony for a cigarette and apparently heard what was going on and decided to take a look. ” Male, 31

“Short now, I have to go get my husband for Christmas. ” Male, 39

“’About me it feels like I got pregnant ‘(and that’s what happened). ” Male, 35

Ilta-Sanomat found out people’s sex experiences with an online survey. A total of 5,003 people responded to the survey. The survey was conducted on 25-31. January 2021.

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