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These candidates for the bride chose to travel to their homeland – Matthew’s decision totally surprised – TV & movies

The Mayans of the Bride in the World series were allowed to choose three women to take home at the end of their introductory period in Levi.

Turkish Mustafa, Lebanese Stefano and Canadians Roy and Matthew did on Thursday Maajus for the bride in the world series major decisions when they chose who they wanted to take on a trip to their home country.

At the end of the dating and introductory phase described in Levi, each Mayan had to choose three women who they would like to take to explore their own daily lives in their home country.

In the case of Stefano of Lebanon, the situation took an unprecedented turn when none of his four bridal candidates wanted to continue the journey with him. The women justified their exceptional decision on the grounds that they did not feel Stefano was involved in the program for the right reasons.

Stefano finally set out for Maajussi from the filming of the bride in the world on her way home empty-handed. She had no romantic feelings for any woman, and the bridal candidates ultimately did not want to continue the journey with her.­

Turkish Mustafa, on the other hand, got there easily, as she didn’t even have to drop any of her four bridal candidates. Olivia, 35, namely, had previously stated among group dates that his and Mustafa’s worlds of values ​​differed too much.

– I made a decision I didn’t want to go on a trip, Olivia said.

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Olivia felt that Mustafa was not the same man she had seen in the introductory video. He suspected the language barrier or cultural differences as the cause and said the duo’s joint discussion had not turned out as desired.

– It makes my job easier, Mustafa said.

So Mustafa ended up leaving for his hometown of Alanya Sanna, Also and Maarit.

Mustafa got along well with Pian, who he even managed to poke. Soon, the trip to Alanya to Mustafa’s hometown made me nervous, as he had never been on a plane or traveled.­

Matthew, for his part, from Canada, for his part, had a clear idea of ​​who he would like to take with him to his homeland.

Matthew considered when deciding who he would best fit with. He was the first to invite him Jennin.

– Really? Oh my God. Thank you, Jenni was amazed and rushed to hug Matthew.

Jenni said she was totally surprised by the decision. He had only revealed to Matthew a little earlier that he might not want children at all. For Matthew, on the other hand, family was a clear dream he hoped he could realize as soon as possible.

Matthew said he chose Jenn first, as he felt the conversation stuck best with him. The duo immediately found a common tone, and a dissenting opinion about child dreams did not seem to be a threshold issue in the end.

The second included Canada Suvi-Tuuli, who charmed Matthew with his energy. Received the last invitation Taru and had to go home Milla.

– I feel like I could have fallen in love with Matthew, but this is what happened and it’s good, Milla said.

Matthew had to prune Milla (right) on his way home. He chose Jenn (second left) first.­

The most difficult decision for the three bridal candidates was for Matthew’s compatriot Roy. Roy, a Finn, pondered his decision for a long time and said that he had changed his mind several times.

Roy’s hands shook as it was time for him to hand out the invitations to his hometown candidates. He said the decision was extremely challenging.

I was the first to receive the invitation Sanna, with whom Roy has children of the same age and a very similar life situation. Sanna was delighted to see her get to know the Canadian mustache.

Second, Roy asked Terhin, who had already had deep feelings for him.

– Yes, I have a bit of a heartbeat. There’s been a little bruising, Terhi admitted.

Giving the last call was particularly difficult for Roy.

– This has not been easy. I wouldn’t have wanted to decide yet, but sadly I had to. I want to thank you and I’m sorry, he said.

It was especially difficult for Roy to make a decision. He ended up dropping Sarin (center) out of the game.­

Roy’s hands trembled violently and he pulled deep oxygen before he said floor name. Kati was happy with the decision, but she was on her way home Sarille it was a big disappointment.

– Of course I’m disappointed, but this has been a nice experience and the group has been nice. Roy has good options for being a bride there, Sari said.

For groundbreakers in the world of the bride on Thursdays at 8pm on MTV3.

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