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These 12 images of modern fashion make your brain melt – laundry boys on the head and toe socks as high heels – Style

Fashion is by no means serious! This is evidenced, for example, by Burberry’s bunny hats and Balenciaga’s toe socks.

Fashion is first and foremost art and fashion shows art exhibitions. Sometimes, however, this art is very difficult to interpret.

We put together the most confusing fashion creations of 2021. Looking at the pictures makes the mind just ask that why?

Toe stockings and bunny hats

If the future really dazzles, these Vetements sunglasses can block the rays of light from all directions.

Remember when it was once said that less is more? Well, the saying is no longer valid in 2021.

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Designers often say that inspiration can be found anywhere. In the case of Vetements, it appears to have been found on the mall’s emergency exit sign. Of course, the exit sign could be in a worse place than the ankles.

We understand that fashion is first and foremost an art, but this work is already a little tricky to interpret.

These Prada gloves, on the other hand, already have potential! At least the home keys would always be at hand.

A few days ago, the stylist said Me For Womenthat woolen helmet hats are now in vogue. The people of Burberry seem to have been inspired by the children’s beanie shelf.

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Kanye, these socks – or shoes – are already going speechless.

We cancel our speech. The recent Yeezys were still nothing alongside these Balenciaga toe heels.

As with Prada’s pocket gloves, we see potential in these Burberry orange overalls too! These can be worn without worries, and there will be no guaranteed hole in the knee.

I have to admit that this Moschino jacket bag is really cute in all its weirdness!

It’s a good idea to stop by this Balenciaga laundry boy style. At least the hottest accessories of the season can already be found in the utility room.

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