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Therefore, Astra Zeneca vaccine is only recommended for the elderly

The Swedish Public Health Agency once again recommends the use of Astra Zeneca’s vaccine – but only for people aged 65 and over.

At least initially, while the European Medicines Agency continues to investigate the causes of the blood clots and low platelet counts that have led to serious illness and death in a few cases in Europe. Only people under the age of 55 were affected, in the 20-30 reported cases after Astra Zeneca vaccination.

– There is a great need for protection against covid-19 in the elderly, not least now when we see an increased spread of infection. Therefore, our assessment is that we once again recommend vaccination of people who are 65 years or older, said state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell during yesterday’s press conference.

Sweden then joins several other European countries that make the same assessment, that the vaccine is good and that the benefits largely outweigh the risks, says Ali Mirazimi.

– In Sweden, we have a very large social spread and it is important that we get started with vaccination. It should be remembered that about twenty people die every day in Sweden from this virus and most are older.

“Good vaccine”

Of the approximately 20 million people who have received the Astra Zeneca vaccine in Europe, about twenty have been affected by the severe cases of blood clots and bleeding. That in itself is not enough to stop the vaccine, says Ali Mirazimi.

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– It has a very good protective effect for people over 65, so it is a good vaccine, says Ali Mirazimi.

But that has not always been the case, at first Astra’s vaccine was not recommended for people over 65 in Sweden. The commuting in recommendations is due to the fact that the data base was then too small to show that the vaccine protected the elderly well enough. Several large studies from the United Kingdom and the United States changed the matter and the age restriction of under 65 was removed in early March.

The Swedish Public Health Agency is now waiting for more information about the affected people who took Astra Zeneca’s vaccine in order to hopefully be able to get the vaccine out to younger target groups as well. But those under 65 can not expect to get it until later this spring, says Ali Mirazimi, professor and vaccine researcher at KI.

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State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says that those who want to opt out of Astra Zeneca’s vaccine, but are still vaccinated, will have to wait – perhaps until this autumn. Photo: SVT / ACTUAL

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