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There was a stir in the background of NATO’s hate research – Anttikoski from the eye-catching image: “There must be a translation error” – Finland

The Government Communications denies the information presented orally and in writing by the researcher who prepared the report and says it is a misunderstanding.

Government communications denies that a study published by NATO’s Strategic Communications Center of Excellence StratCom on Thursday Sanna Marinin (sd) Hate speech against women ministers would be commissioned by the government.

Such an understanding arose in the report of the principal investigator Rolf Fredheimin appearance at the launch of the study on Thursday.

Fredheim says verbatim after the opening words. ”this report was commissioned from the Prime Minister’s Office in Helsinki”. At the same time, a picture showing the same thing was shown at the performance.

The film released by Rolf Fredheim at the press conference states that it has been ordered from the Prime Minister’s Office.­

There was a stir on social media.

For example, Docent of Public Law, University Lecturer at the University of Eastern Finland Matti Muukkonen wondered the origin of the report on Twitter.

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– Not the Lord God, after all. So how has anyone even gotten such an idea? Does the state commission a study looking at what its own citizens do on Twitter?

Supplier Matti Virtanen shared the same picture from which he had underlined an English sentence stating that the report had been commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office.

After that, the director of government communications Päivi Anttikoski started a thread on Twitter in which he said the initiative to investigate hate speech against Prime Minister Marin ‘s government came from StratCom and not from Marin’ s government, as the study ‘s lead author said in his presentation.

– There must be a translation error, Anttikoski commented to IS on the author’s view.

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Anttikoski denies that the Prime Minister’s Office had commissioned or in any way influenced the completion of the study on Marin government ministers from the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence.

Anttikoski according to Marin’s government, the hate speech report is an echo of the previous report from 2019, which was intended to examine the influence of foreign power on the parliamentary elections.

When no evidence of such was found, according to Anttikoski, StratCom himself wanted to turn the issue into hate speech, because such was observed during the election.

According to Anttikoski, how the hate speech on social media observed in the 2019 elections ended with the investigation of the offensive or even hate speech faced by the women ministers of the Marin government.

– This has been a matter prepared by officials, Anttikoski says.

According to Anttikoski, the officials have prepared the hate speech investigation without informing the Prime Minister’s Office better than the ministers who are the subject of the hate speech investigation.

According to Anttikoski, the hate speech investigation was revealed to its targets only at the very end.

– We told the Prime Minister’s staff in the second week that such an investigation is coming, Anttikoski says.

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