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There is now a shortage of workers in these professions and too much intrusion in them – see list – Taloussanomat

There would now be enough work for nurses, social workers and roofers. There is also a shortage of welders in some areas, for example.

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Much of today’s “shortage of professions” is public sector workers. This is clear from the occupational barometer published by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy last week.

The Occupational Barometer compiles twice a year the demand and supply situation of different professionals in different parts of Finland. The information is based on the views of experts from employment and economic development offices.

Nationwide, there is now the greatest shortage of nurses and the second largest number of social workers. Labor shortages are particularly acute in the social and health sectors and in education.

There is a lot of shortage of hearing aids and speech therapists, kindergarten teachers and community nurses, for example.

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On the other hand, there is also a rather severe shortage of roofers and repairers, as well as telemarketers.

There are enough jobs for nurses all over Finland.­

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There are many regional differences.

Naturally, for example, there is a lot of oversupply of flight attendants in Uusimaa now that a small fraction of normal flights are still flown.

The corona situation is shown on the lists anyway. There is an oversupply of hotel receptionists and travel agency officers throughout Finland.

Uusimaa also has an oversupply of taxi drivers, beauticians, travel guides, bartenders and hairdressers.

The corona stop of cultural industries is also shown on the lists. In many areas, there is an oversupply of musicians, art and culture experts, directors and producers.

In Kainuu, for example, there is a severe shortage of welders, industrial foremen and machine shop and metal product assemblers.

There is a shortage of welders in Kainuu.­

In Lapland, concrete reinforcers, carpenters and drivers of agricultural and forestry machinery are in need.

The lists below show which of the 15 occupations have the most shortages and the most oversupply of employees on a Finnish scale.

Most short of applicants:

Nurses and nurses

Specialists in social work

Hearing researchers and speech therapists


Kindergarten teachers

General practitioners

Chief physicians and specialists


Special needs teachers


Housekeepers (home service activities)

Drivers of earthmoving machinery and others

Call and call center vendors

Roof installers and repairers

Oral hygienists

Most oversupply of applicants:


Vaatturit, pukuompelijat, turkkurit, hatuntekijät

Hotel receptionists

Advertising and marketing specialists

Travel agency officers

Press corps

Graphic and multimedia designers

Management Secretaries and Department Secretaries

Printing surface manufacturers

Furniture carpenters and others

Social and cultural researchers

Library staff


Post-processors and bond workers

Information and communication technology installers, repairers

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