Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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There is a significant change in the weather in a much cooler direction – Finland

Daytime temperatures drop sharply and nights are cold.

We have enjoyed a few warm days in Finland and it has already felt like spring in the air.

The arrival of spring takes a backseat as the weather changes towards colder.

– At the beginning of April, ie next week, cold air will flow from the north to Finland, Foreca meteorologist on duty Ilkka Alanko says.

According to him, daytime temperatures are clearly falling. It knows that Easter is clearly colder than what we are used to this week.

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– This week the daytime temperatures were as high as +10 degrees in some places, but next week this is no longer the case, and the highest temperatures in many places are + 5 degrees. Night temperatures even drop below zero, Alanko says.

– On the night before Good Friday, readings can be as high as -5 degrees, according to the forecast.

Low pressures pass by Finland and the weather is mostly windy in many places. The week after Easter is also colder than the usual temperature of the time.

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