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The Yemeni army liberates strategic sites in Marib and Taiz – politics – files – developments in Yemen

The Yemeni army forces and the tribes and the joint Yemeni forces made new advances on the fronts west of Ma’rib, and repelled an attack on their positions in the south of the governorate, while the Yemeni army and local resistance forces liberated new areas on the southeastern fronts of Taiz, as the battles continued on the Maqabneh front, while Hodeidah witnessed the The West Coast is a striking escalation of violations by the Houthi militia.

In the details, the army forces and tribes backed by the joint forces and coalition fighters liberated new and ruling positions on the Kassara and Hailan fronts, west of Ma’rib Governorate, after violent battles with the Houthi militia and inflicted heavy losses on them.

Field sources confirmed the liberation of the Balawdah mountain range in the Kasara front, after it took control of the Al-Atif, Dash Al-Ankh, and Al-Sweida areas, and it continued its advance from Al-Rakhim, towards the Hilan Junction, amid a major collapse in the ranks of the Houthi militia, whose members fled towards Helan and Mukhdara.

The sources stated that the advance of the forces came after the Arab coalition fighters succeeded in destroying the vehicles, sites and reinforcements of the Houthis in several areas in the vicinity of Al-Kasara and Hailan, and caused them dozens of deaths and injuries, and destroyed a number of their combat vehicles, including tanks, Katyusha rocket launchers, armored vehicles and troop carriers.

The sources indicated that the militias suffered as a result of the battles and raids of the coalition fighters, dozens of deaths among their members, including seven prominent field leaders, along with 18 secondary leaders.

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The progress of the forces in Marib comes after the arrival of military reinforcements, including special mechanisms and weapons, to participate in the battles against the Houthis in Marib, Al-Jawf and the vicinity of the capital, Sana’a.

In the south of Ma’rib, the army and tribes repelled a Houthi attack on their positions on the Al-Abdiya front, inflicting heavy losses on them, and they also responded to a similar attack towards their positions in the Jabal Murad front and managed to break it and force the attackers to retreat and flee towards their previous positions.

In Al-Jawf, the army and tribes carried out a tight ambush for Houthi reinforcements at the Al-Aqsa front, and seized supply vehicles loaded with supplies and ammunition.

In Saada, coalition fighters targeted a ballistic missile launcher in an area between the Haydan and Zahir districts, completely destroying it, leaving dead and wounded experts and elements specialized in preparing missiles.

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In Taiz, the army and resistance forces liberated new areas in the Haifan front in the southeast of the governorate, including Tabab Maghdif, the central reservoir, and Tabat Abdo Numan, after battles with the Houthis left 16 Houthi dead, including two leaders and snipers, and two others were arrested and dozens were wounded.

The forces also recovered a number of medium and light weapons and ammunition.

And in the Qobayta front, which is administratively affiliated to Lahj governorate, the joint and southern forces managed to liberate Tabab al-Karb, close to the strategic Jabal Jalis.

In western Taiz, confrontations were renewed between the two sides on the fronts of Maqbana, where an ambush was set for the Houthis near Al-Tuwair Al-Ula, which led to the destruction of three vehicles, and the outbreak of confrontations in the area, reaching the vicinity of the Black Table and Jabal Al-Oudin.

The army and resistance forces had managed to retake the village of Zanbil in the Al-Tuwair Al-A’la region, after violent battles with the militias that left dead and wounded among the Houthis.

In Hodeidah, the combined forces managed to deal painful strikes on the Houthi militia in the Al-Durayhimi district, south of the governorate, targeting residential areas and farms in the district, which led to the destruction of artillery sites and the death and injury of many Houthis.

The Houthi shells left civilians dead and wounded in the city of Tuhayta, south of Hodeidah, after being targeted by heavy artillery, and one of the shells fell on the house of Haji Yahya Muhammad Faraj, killing his pregnant wife, and wounding his daughter. The militias increased their escalation rate towards the UN armistice in Hodeidah, and launched several attacks on residential areas in Hays, using heavy artillery shells hysterically, while drones circled in the skies of the southern regions, where the first evening yesterday, seven aircraft were detected in the districts of Hais and At-Tuhayta.

Declaration of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance Forces

Yesterday, the National Resistance Forces, led by Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, officially announced their political office from the city of Mokha on the western coast of Yemen, in an official ceremony attended by official, civilian and military figures.

The statement issued by the publicity ceremony outlined the political orientations of the bureau that it would undertake in the field victories march that the Republic’s guards are taking along with the comrades of arms in the joint forces, and all the heroes on the fronts of defending the republic.

The statement indicated that the declaration of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance and the Republic’s Guards is a commitment to work on re-invoking the ballot boxes and the peaceful transfer of power.

The statement stressed that the declaration of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance is a national necessity imposed by the stage, in a way that preserves the patriotic and national constants, and will work to unify all national forces.

The publicity statement called on all political components to work to dismantle the consequences of the crimes committed by the Houthi militia, with a political movement that restores consideration of the national identity and preserves the republican system, and the restoration of the capital, Sana’a.

He also called on all parties to unite efforts and fronts towards the capital, Sanaa, and to sit at the dialogue table to draw out the future features. Mokha – Emirates Today

Coalition fighters target a Houthi ballistic missile platform in Saada, leaving dead militia members specialized in preparing missiles.

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