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The wolf crept into the family’s backyard in the middle of a bright morning: “It showed its teeth and came towards” – Kotimaa

  • In retrospect, I wondered, what if the wolf should be approached my child, says the three primary and secondary school age daughter’s father.

Kurikkalainen father of the family Sami Alanen, 40, did repairs in his backyard on Saturday morning when a four-legged guest unexpectedly appeared in the yard.

– I was there next to the tractor bucket and watching the animal. At first I thought it was a dog, but within seconds it turned out it was a wolf. And it was a big hang, describes Alanen, who was startled by the animal.

The man and the wolf looked at each other from a distance of about 15 meters.

– It came with my teeth grimacing towards me a couple of meters, not by attacking but by quietly running. It kept making some murmurs.

Alanen’s instinct for self-defense awoke and he roared to the wolf and banged the bucket with a hammer so that the animal was frightened, turned its direction, and left the yard.

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– I went to look behind, and I saw it jump over the ditch and ran about a hundred yards to the field. I finally got my cell phone in my hand and got to shoot it for video. It set out in the direction of the village of Miedo.

After surviving the shock, Sami Alanen picked up her cell phone and photographed the wolf that had left the yard. The wolf left clear traces in the yard and on the road.­

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The ales live in Kurikan Knee Village, where wolf sightings are made for this.

– There are two of us households right here right in the middle of the field. This wolf had also walked past a neighboring house about 20 meters away. They have a child under the age of one who does not dare to put them in strollers to sleep.

– In the autumn winter, a herd of ten wolves was seen near that hurry, which the police rushed as the wolves wandered around the barn of one farm. Probably this wolf is that same herd.

Alanen himself has never before seen a wolf with his own eyes. Instead, his wife and children have seen wolves moving in the village.

– I’m not a hunter, so yes, I was scared strong enough. The pump beat for a while. In retrospect, I wondered, what if the wolf should be approached my child, says the three primary and secondary school age daughter’s father.

There are many other families with children living in the area. For some of the children, the city organizes a so-called wolf ride to school, but the rides end at the end of March.

Alanen made repairs here in the corner of the barn. The wolf roared along the road toward their backyard. It reached the back corner of the old litter visible on the left as the host realized the situation and scared the animal away.­

– It has been thought that wolves would only move in the dark, but now it was seen that they are moving even in the middle of the day. Wolves have been moving here for many years, and nothing is being done about it. Should we wait so long for the wolf to attack a human, Alanen asks.

He announced a wolf visit to the emergency center. According to IS, the wolf has been ordered to be deported.

Local hunting club beast liaison Pasi Huhtanen says that a herd of 12 wolves has been moving in the Polvenkylä-Norinkylä-Hangaskylä area for several years.

– There is a lot of fear of wolves here, and rowing around has been going on for a long time. The wolves are getting bolder every year, human sensitivity is gone, Huhtanen knows.

According to him, there is not the slightest doubt that the animal seen in Alanen’s backyard was a wolf.

– The case has been confirmed on the basis of follow-up observations and video images. Yes, it must be a wolf, he says.

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