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The wind surprised the ski jumpers – Downhill jumping

The combination of sun and cinema messed up the wind conditions at Planica airfield.

Downhill jumping the world cup team competition at planica airfield will be held on sunday morning. The wind interrupted the race on Saturday and after several interruptions the race had to be postponed to the last day of the Cup.

They jump in the Finnish team Jarkko Määttä, Niko Kytösaho, Antti Aalto and Eetu Nousiainen.

On Sunday, the program will feature first one-round team competition and then the last individual competition of the World Cup on HS240 Hill. Finns are not included in the personal final of the Cup.

Planica in Slovenia has been windy throughout the weekend. The wind is partly due to the fact that the competition is held a week later than usual.

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– According to the locals, the week is very important. The daytime temperature has risen by more than ten degrees and the sun is shining, resulting in a stronger thermal wind than usual, the national team head coach Janne Väätäinen said.

– In addition, there is more snow here than usual compared to the time of year. Cold snow cools the air and the sun warms. It further confuses conditions.

Team competition during the sun the effect on the winds was evident as the weather gradually warmed up.

– At nine in the morning the situation was good. Then at 10.20 the wind intensified dramatically, Väätäinen continued.

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On Sunday the weather will be cloudy. There may even be rain in the permit.

– Then the hill should be calmer. Someone is clearly confident that this will happen when a team hill is jumped ahead of the season finale. In a way, that personal competition is risked if the situation does not remain good, Väätäinen stated.

– In any case, there is at least hope that the national team season will continue during the day.

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