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The whole tribe allied against the Survivors competitor – suspects Niko Saarinen of plotting him out of the game – TV & movies

Watch out for plot revelations! The Vaanit tribe voted for one of the rivals on the way home.

Seen on Saturday Survivors Finland in the fifth episode of the program, another survivor had to leave the race. After the inviolability race, the Vaanit tribe had to swallow a bitter defeat and head toward the tribal council.

The Vaanit tribe lost the inviolability race in the episode shown on Saturday.­

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This time the presenter had to go home Arttu Harkki, which the Vaanit tribe voted unanimously out of the race.

– I wish you luck, because you need it, Harkki shouted to his former fellow tribesmen when he left.

After the drop, the presenter felt he was too great a threat to others.

– It so happened that strong competitors are wanted out of the game. I was expecting it to work at some point and it worked now, Harkki told the cameras after the drop.

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– Quite a clear game movement from others. The tribe did it too early because the tribe is not very strong in the Games.

In the settlement, Harkki said that he had taken a considered risk in the integrity race and allowed other tribes to compete. So the Vaanis raced against the Asses for inviolability as Hark watched an exciting battle from the sidelines.

– I knew that I was considered a big threat and in the end I gave someone a role.

“I knew that I was considered a great threat,” Arttu Harkki said after the drop.­

Harkki believed he would have been strong in an integrity race that required speed and problem-solving ability.

– The last two stages of the race, clearing the knot and sliding the puck to the finish, would have been my stuff. However, I am a member of Mensa, so might bring, however, to go pretty easily, he wondered.

– And brought the sliding, I have long limbs, I play golf and that kind of fine mechanical thing anyway, so yes it goes. It was a hassle and everyone wanted to do something, so I was that fine. After the race, I went to try sliding and pulled it one by one.

Harkki doubted that in particular Niko Saarinen has wanted to drop him out of the race.

– One of the biggest factors is definitely Niko. We are so different. He has probably found it a threat and an annoyance from the beginning. Niko is such a funny companion that he probably has a good grip on others because of it.

Hark’s ideas came right, as Niko, an ally with others, voted for Hark in the tribal council.

Niko Saarinen has said in Survivors that he is annoyed by Arttu Hark’s over-determination. The whole tribe unanimously voted for Artun out of the race.­

He believed that the strong in the race are those individuals who do not like a big voice by themselves, but build their game tactics in peace.

– Sabina could crawl through the low profile. He is a pretty and unobtrusive person, however, is pretty smart hiding there. I guess it could surprise and be at the forefront.

Survivors Finland on Saturdays at Nelonen at 8 pm Ilta-Sanomat and Nelonen belong to the same Sanoma Group.

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