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The whale’s corona count is exceptional – residents hit the counter about changing the vaccination order: “Not here in the aviary” – Finland

So far, Vaala, located on the border of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, has survived the corona roulette with dry feet.

The municipality of Vaala, with a population of less than 2,800, is located on the border of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu. The courtyards of the Pizzeria, ABC station and Miracle along Ouluntie are quiet.

The chairs raised on the table and the closed tag somewhere on the door indicate that the restrictions on restaurants are exactly the same as elsewhere in Northern Ostrobothnia. Food may be sold for the trip, but may not be enjoyed in restaurants

The rest Unlike the province, Vaala has survived a year-long corona roulette with dry feet. The municipality is still one of the few places where the number of infections is round 0 in THL statistics.

If the idea of ​​changing the vaccination schedules presented at the end of the week were realized at the municipal level, then the whales could lose their vaccines to the southern suburbs.

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– There is no orphanage here, says Risto Vähäsarja.­

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In Friday night’s quick gala, the opening of the National Vaccination Expert Group will not cause major outbursts of emotion. Risto Vähäsarja does not go beyond criticizing the ideas of vaccine sages.

– I dare not take a stand, let the wiser decide it. That’s such a big question, Little Series ponders.

The good epidemic situation in the community has not created a false sense of security.

– Unfortunately, in the shops you can still see the younger generation that there are no masks, but the older people do use masks. Not here in the birdhouse, Risto Vähäsarja assures.

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In Vaala, the corona situation is under control, at least for the time being.­

Vaccination is suspected

Rush to the store Kaarina Suorsa hesitant to take the coronary vaccine.

– For me, it’s exactly where and when they get vaccinated, if this situation just doesn’t get worse. I understand quite well if vaccines are taken to places where there are a lot of infections. I have nothing against it, Suorsa states.

Kaarina Suorsa understands well if vaccines are taken to places where there are a lot of infections.­

Of course, you have to wear a straight straight in a public place. So again this time.

– I have to use this, even if I think about the vaccine. This is good to be, protect yourself and protect others. You never know where you might get infected.

– I guess it’s not showing up here other than with these masks. Of course, people are careful in the store and their hands are disinfected, Kaarina Suorsa says.

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Anneli has already been vaccinated

Anneli says she has already received her first dose of the vaccine.­

Keeping your last name secret Anneli has already received the first vaccine for its age. He will not comment on the order in which people in different parts of Finland are vaccinated.

– I do not take anything at that position, as I have already received the first vaccination. Then I have that second vaccination in June, Anneli says.

In addition to masks, the corona quarantine recommendation for the elderly is the thing where the disease is most visible in the corners of Vaala.

– We were quarantined a year ago. After all, it doesn’t take much to see how it looks. Once a week there is a shop, Anneli describes.

Just the same for Tim

Timo Tervonen does not intend to bother with it, even if the vaccines move to the area of ​​high incidence rates.­

Representing the younger adult population of the locality Timo Tervonen does not intend to bother with it, even if vaccines move from calmer epidemic areas to high incidence areas in the future.

– It does not matter to me. I’m not even going to take it myself, Tervonen thinks.

To the store in a hurry Marianna Böhmin According to him, even in Vaala, a mask is conscientiously worn and hands are washed, although so far the disease has been spared.

– I started wearing a mask as soon as the epidemic started and wash my hands constantly. Similarly, the kids I have always said that, remember to wash your hands.

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Marianna Böhm says that even in Vaala, a mask is conscientiously worn and hands are washed.­

He would also accept that vaccine orders be changed if it is forced to do so to stop the epidemic.

– If it would help there in the south, the woman sighs.

The job description must be taken into account

Oulu resident Elina Raudaskoski was going to his children Iidan and Aapon with a cottage for the weekend. Vaala’s S-Market was used to buy groceries with a mask. Raudaskoski would adjust the vaccination order according to how much people waiting for his vaccination shift have to deal with people in their work.

– You could think about changing the vaccination schedule, but maybe how many human contacts there are per day. According to it, one could value who is vaccinated first. For example, school staff meet its 600 students a day. I think they could be set a little higher in the order of vaccination than those with fewer contacts, Raudaskoski suggests.

Elina Raudaskoski from Oulu was going to the cottage with her children Iida and Aapo for the weekend.­

Ilta-Sanomat followed the corona safety guidelines when making this report. Both the photographer and the reporter wore masks and kept their distance from other people.

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