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The washing cost Tove Alexandersson the total World Cup: “It hurts me a lot”

The orienteering queen has this winter been successful in ski alpinism and took two medals at the World Cup. After the competition in Madonna di Campiglio on Friday, she thought that only the top three would attend the award ceremony. The mistake meant that she was eliminated and did not get to count the fifth place, which cost her the victory in the overall World Cup.

“I was an award ceremony from winning the overall World Cup. To be washed up and to lose the World Cup title due to a misunderstanding and a missed award ceremony hurts me a lot. If they had just tried to contact us, I would have turned up but no one did “, Alexandersson writes emotionally on his Instagram.

Glad the orienteering season is waiting

She was broken by the extreme consequences of the mistake.

“It was not easy to try to find energy for the last two races and I really gave everything I had left. Now I am happy to change focus to the orienteering season instead “, writes the 28-year-old.

The Swedish national team has drawn attention to the incident and hopes that the international federation will review its regulations so that similar incidents will not occur in the future.

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