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The Voice of Holland finalist Jasper doesn’t understand his ‘gun factor’ | NOW

Jasper Wever has it despite his nerves and not always rave reviews from the coaches until the final of The voice of Holland managed to kick. His success in the program is regularly attributed to his so-called ‘gun factor’, but the singer himself does not understand this, he says in conversation with

While his performances were sometimes nervous, Weaver invariably got enough votes from the folks at home to advance to the next round. The public allows the singer to progress in the competition, but he himself does not know why.

“It’s really weird,” said the singer. “I just do as I normally do, whether I’m at home or at work at the optician or on television. I don’t know what’s so special about that.”

Yet he also takes it as a compliment. “It does boost your self-confidence if people can appreciate you when you are yourself.”

‘Just before I have to sing I think about the 2 million viewers’

Wever admits that his way to the final was not without a struggle. “I bumped into myself on the road. I had no idea that I could be so nervous and feel so strong the urge to perform. Those are things you have to learn to deal with. Nevertheless, I am proud that I sang it from start to finish.”

“As I progressed, the pressure was increased and ten seconds before a live show performance like that came to mind that two million people are watching. You can’t just take away those nerves, even if you want to. ”

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Weaver thinks that he was not overcome by nerves at his audition, because he entered the adventure uninhibited. “I went into it very laconically and didn’t expect it to work out. As I got further the pressure was increased and ten seconds before such a live show performance came through my mind that two million people are watching. you can’t just leave, even if you want to. “

‘I understand the criticism, but I don’t choose the result either’

The choice of the public to vote him every week caused dissatisfaction with coaches like Anouk and Ali B. “I totally understand what they are saying, but it is no different, because the people at home decide. Messages from people throwing illnesses at me and wishing me death, but in the end I don’t choose the result either. It happens to me just as well. ”

The comments also made him doubt whether he deserved his place in the program, but he realized that these thoughts would not help him and now tries to put the negativity aside. “I’m not going to listen to podcasts about being an anti-hero and I don’t read the negative messages anymore.” The singer speaks daily with his coach Jan Smit, who urges him to focus on the people who do appreciate him.

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Wever had to do without his children and wife, who had been diagnosed with the corona virus, in recent weeks. “That was difficult, but fortunately they are now free of complaints and I can finally see them again after the final.” He does not dare to hope for a full-time career as a singer. “I would like it now that I have tasted it, but we are still dealing with the corona virus for the time being and I am just financially responsible for my family.”

In the finale of The voice of Holland Jasper takes on Dani (team Anouk), Nienke (team Ali B) and Sem (team Waylon). The final can be seen on RTL 4 on Friday 26 March at 8 p.m.

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