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the visit of Republican senators to the border with Mexico rekindles tensions

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                While President Joe Biden played down the migration crisis on the border between the United States and Mexico the day before, 18 Republican senators led by Ted Cruz arrived on Friday March 26 in the border town of McAllen, opposite Reynosa.  But their visit is not appreciated by all in the Rio Grande Valley, with some accusing them of disinformation for electoral purposes.

                                    <p><span><span><span><em><span><span>With our special correspondent in Brownsville,</span></span></em><span><span><strong>Thomas Harms</strong></span></span></span></span></span>

Greet the border guards, visit a unaccompanied minors… according to Ted Cruz, the arrival of senators must show Americans that migrants represent a health risk : « These illegal migrants who are released in a center 50 km from McAllen have tested positive for Covid-19, with a rate seven times higher than the rest of the American population. »

« Political props »

The disinformation pisses Tricia Cortez, who runs the Rio Grande Study Center in Laredo. For her, the arrival of senators only serves populist interests : « We’re tired of being political props for people who don’t live here. This leads to a gross distortion of the reality of the situation here. »

AT Brownsville bus station, where migrants pass, one of the volunteers reacts in a cynical way : « They are going to come over and surely say the border guards are great and the situation is horrible with all these asylum seekers going through, and how they only bring bad things to the people of Texas., s’énerve Andrea. There is absolutely nothing in what Ted Cruz says that I can believe. »

Recurrent tension

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It must be said that the visit of Republican senators has revived a recurring tension in recent years at the border : supporters of Donald Trump and militia groups have chosen this time to call for rallies along the Texas border.

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