Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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The “Vector” told about the resistance of the vaccine to mutations of the coronavirus

The EpiVacCorona coronavirus vaccine developed by the Vector Center is resistant to known mutations of the coronavirus, Alexander Ryzhikov, head of the Department of Zoonotic Infections and Influenza at the Vector Center, told RT.

“Until now, we are tracking all mutations that are known for new strains of a new type of coronavirus, for example, the British variant, South African and Brazilian. Their mutations do not correspond to the conservative regions that we have chosen for inclusion in the vaccine, ”he said.

Ryzhikov stressed that the creators of the drug have achieved the advantages of the vaccine, which ensures its resistance to mutations.

As the Director General of the Vector Center Rinat Maksyutov said earlier, more than 5.3 thousand mutations of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection have been identified in Russia, most of which do not affect the properties of the virus.

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