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The US denounces the “attack” on the Spanish Government press


Tuesday, March 30, 2021 –

The accusations are in the chapter on Spain of the Annual Report on Human Rights of the State Department, presented by the head of diplomacy Tony Blinken

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President Pedro Snchez in an appearance in La Moncloa.

The US State Department affirms that in Spain in 2020 “There were multiple reports of verbal attacks by senior government officials on certain media outlets and specific journalists”. Among the perpetrators of these attacks, US diplomacy cites the president himself, Pedro Sanchez, who, he recalls, affirmed on March 1 of last year to the “conservative” press of “shaking up society” every time the conservatives lose some. elections. That same day, Vice President Pablo Iglesias said that the media critical of the government had “offended the dignity of journalism.”

Also in March, Iglesias threatened to send a journalist to jail for publishing compromising information about his party, especially regarding its funding. The comments were immediately condemned by the Madrid Press Association.

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These actions are the most serious, given that they directly involve the Government, its chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, and one of the vice presidents, Pablo Iglesias. But they are not the only ones. The document also includes a ‘tweet’ from the United We Can parliamentary spokesperson, Pablo Echenique, “attacking the professionalism of a television presenter.”

The accusations are found in the chapter on Spain of the Annual Report on Human Rights of the Department of State, which was presented on Tuesday by the head of US diplomacy, Tony blinking. The analysis is not limited to the government, but also affects the opposition. The State Department claims that the NGO Reporters Without Borders has accused Vox of “carrying out online attacks against journalists and fact checkers“, that is, groups and organizations dedicated to the verification of news and statements of public figures.

Finally, in Catalonia, the State Department recalls that, according to the International Federation of Journalists, that territory became in 2019 “a territory of danger” for the exercise of this professional activity.

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