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“the United States are putting the package together”, recognizes Jean-Claude Beaujour



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During his speech on Thursday, March 25, Emmanuel Macron cited the United States as an example from which to draw inspiration on the subject of vaccination against Covid-19. Jean-Claude Beaujour, vice-president of France-Amériques, deciphers the American strategy on the Franceinfo 11pm set.
The vaccination policy against Covid-19 is taking place at a very sustained pace in the United States, as Emmanuel Macron did not fail to point out during his speech on Thursday, March 25. A strategy that owes a lot to the arrival of Joe Biden at the White House. “At the time of his election, Joe Biden knew he had three months to send a strong signal”, analysis Jean-Claude Beaujour, vice-president of France-Amériques and guest of the 23h of franceinfo Thursday evening. “The United States is doing what it can do, it doesn’t bother with convolutions and is pushing the envelope, with the help of the military, for example.”

Thanks to this massive vaccination, American schools are starting to reopen and life is gradually resuming its normal course. “The Americans took a very pragmatic approach, recognizes Jean-Claude Beaujour. Compared to France, the calendar is reversed: Emmanuel Macron needs to be re-elected while Joe Biden, him, was elected to solve the problem. “

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