Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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The UAE government briefing and the latest developments in “Corona”

The UAE government held a periodic media briefing reviewing the developments in the health situation in the country and shed light on the efforts made by many bodies and agencies in order to deal optimally with the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), developments in vaccination and planning for the recovery phase from the epidemic. The most prominent of what was mentioned in it:

The community sector: in addition to securing the utmost levels of social and economic stability for all families, which contributed to the state of calm and tranquility that characterized the Emirati society throughout this period.

The community sector: The UAE attaches great importance to achieving happiness for all its residents in all circumstances, especially during the period of the Corona pandemic, which witnessed the adoption of a wide range of measures and proactive measures aimed at immunization and safety of the health of community members, and maintaining the continuity and quality of services

The community sector: # The UAE launched the national program for home testing of corona for people of determination, and also provided free examination for elderly citizens and residents, as well as moral and psychological support programs to help overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, and also, provide them with vaccinations in their homes

The community sector: The Emirati interest in community happiness during the # Covid 19 crisis was not limited to the economic, health and service aspects, but also included psychological and community support through campaigns and programs that work to spread positivity and provide instructions that help alleviate the conditions of social distancing and overcome the challenges of the crisis.

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The community sector: A recent study conducted by the Ministry of Community Development, to measure the impact of the # Covid-19 pandemic on the Emirati society, showed that the measures taken by the state positively contributed to enhancing family cohesion and cohesion by 97%.

The community sector: The study showed that the UAE government’s response to the repercussions of the pandemic contributed to spreading reassurance and a sense of safety among community members, at a rate of nearly 98%.

The community sector: We would like to point out that the current period is considered one of the exceptional periods in which it is worthwhile for us to cooperate and collaborate. This crisis will pass and humanity will remain, but our actions and decisions will leave their mark on our policies, economies, culture, and even our lives.

The societal sector: 96% of the respondents assert that the state has dealt distinctively in facing the challenges resulting from the crisis by compensating the affected groups and supporting medium, small and micro enterprises in support of multiple economic activities.



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