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The tribe smoked one of the Survivors rudely out – fell ill with the filming: “I couldn’t have stayed there” – TV & movies

Watch out for plot revelations! According to Johanna Pakonen, the younger members of the Aasat tribe have decided to smoke the older riders out.

The tango queen of 2002 Johanna Pakonen, 44, is in progress Survivorssecond season of the season.

In Saturday’s episode, the Aasat tribe decided to send Pakonen home from the camp. Pakos had a fever at the time of the race at the beginning of the episode, the doctor had forbidden him to compete.

It annoyed Pako, who burst into tears at the competition venue. He said he knew he was next in line when the team lost the integrity competition.

– It was a bad thing for me and there was one less of us anyway. When I didn’t get to race, it annoyed me and of course annoyed the tribe, but I knew right away that I was on really weak ice after that, Pakonen says.

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Pakonen says Survivors Finland: Extra had been ill for weeks after filming.

– It was not just one flu, and there was no corona, but I had a fever of 39.4 at that time and I was in a fever for four or five weeks after that. In any case, I couldn’t have stayed there, Johanna says.

The previous week, the same tribe was voted out Oskari Katajisto, who said after the fall that he didn’t really know any other celebrity in advance. Getting into the gang was not quite easy.

– It was quite clear that we did not really speak the same language with that youth group. I didn’t really know any of them, Katajisto said.

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Now Pakonen also talks about similar experiences.

– That union of younger people immediately decided that they would smoke all of us, so to speak, the older ones right away at first, Pakonen says.

The elder group of the Aasat tribe also includes a presenter Arttu Harkki, 56, who, along with the rest of the tribe, also voted from Forced.

– I would not have wanted to vote sua, but the union to which I belong decided so. You’re a great person, Harkki said as he voted.

The doctor forbade Johanna Pako (second right) to compete because of the fever.­

Previous Survivor seasons have been described in the Philippines. This year, the Haparanda archipelago on the Finnish-Swedish border was chosen as the location for the coronavirus pandemic. Pakonen says that he liked moving to the new location.

– I thought it was more comfortable to come here than abroad. The trip abroad started to get really exciting because of snakes, spiders and all the amphibians, Pakonen says.

– However, I live here in more northern Finland, so I thought that in principle I could even walk home. It suddenly did not excite, Pakonen, who lives in Oulu, says.

Johanna Pakonen says she is delighted when the competition was held close to home instead of in the tropics.­

Pakos had no preconceptions about where they would be put to build their huts. Still, he says he was surprised at how barren they were for them had been found.

– I couldn’t really think about what the archipelago is like, when I’ve never parted anyway. I really didn’t think it was Kari – a really rough and rugged place, Pakonen says.

He says he was comfortable when the camp was set up. Pakonen, who slept outside for the first time, says that the competitors stayed warm and there was enough food. There were enough spiders on the island that Pakonen feared, but he got used to them as well.

– It’s a real spider island. If you walk five minutes from the same route you used to walk, it’s already full of sevens. I’m probably not afraid of spiders anymore. Although the expectations were conflicting, this was a hundred million times better than I could have imagined, Pakonen glows.

Survivors Finland on Saturdays at Nelonen at 8 pm Ilta-Sanomat and Nelonen belong to the same Sanoma Group.

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