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the trial of policeman Derek Chauvin has started


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The trial of the alleged murderer of George Floyd began in the United States on Monday March 29. The unbearable images of the death video from this African American were broadcast.

For this first day of audienthis, Monday March 29, it is the lawyers of the family of George Floyd who began to speak. “It’s a historic trial for more equality, it’s America who is judged ”, they threw at the Minneapolis courthouse. They promised to demonstrate how Derek Chauvin, the agent suspected of having killed George Floyd, betrayed his police oath.

At their initiative, the video of the eight minutes of agony of the African-American victim was broadcast, which saturated the audience with emotion and in particular the jury. made up of black and mixed-race people. The prosecutor recalled that it was not the trial of all the police, but of a policeman. The defense stressed that his client only applied the methods learned in the police. The arguments are on the table. Verdict at the end of April-beginning of May.

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