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The Treasury assigns 30% less direct aid to Madrid than to Catalonia and the Ayuso Government revolts: “It is a political punishment”


The Generalitat will channel close to one billion, compared to 679 million in Madrid

The President of the Government, Pedro Snchez and the Minister of Finance, Mara Jess Montero in the SenateJuanJo MartnWORLD
The Ministry of Finance has announced a distribution of the 7,000 million foreseen among the Autonomous Communities that has generated immediate tension with the Madrid autonomous government. The Department that directs Mara Jess Montero grants Andalusia the largest item in absolute terms, 1,109.2 million, followed by Catalonia, with 993 million. However, the Community of Madrid, with an economic weight similar to that of Catalonia, will receive 30% less, 679 million and is in fifth place in the ranking, which has provoked a quick protest from the Government of Isabel Daz Ayuso. “It is a punishment for political reasons,” said the Minister of Finance, Javier Fernndez-Lasquetty.

“We were unpleasantly surprised to see how Madrid is once again punished by the Government of Pedro Sánchez“, he affirmed shortly after knowing the distribution. Lasquetty has stressed that Madrid is granted 9% of the cake when it represents 14% of the population and 19% of the economy.” In other words, Madrid will receive 101 euros per inhabitant, while 130 euros reach Catalonia and 128 Valencia “, he criticized.” It cannot continue to be tolerated that Snchez punishes in this case the companies, the self-employed and the SMEs in Madrid that are having a bad time for political reasons and electoralists. It is unfair. “The distribution and the protest coincide with the autonomous electoral campaign.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Finance, the distribution criterion has been to prioritize the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands with 2,000 million for both, as planned, but that has distributed the remaining 5,000 million “taking into account the same indicators and with the same weighting that they have in the allocation of the REACT EU fund, only updated. “This distribution of the European React fund was already widely criticized by the autonomous governments of the PP last January for considering that it prevailed over the PSOE.

The distribution has been published this morning in the Official State Gazette (BOE) through a ministerial order that explains the criteria for this distribution and details that it has been made through a first compartment, endowed with 5,000 million euros, in the one in which all the autonomous regions are found except the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, and a second compartment, with 2,000 million, in which the archipelagos are.

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Thus, the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Catalonia are the main recipients, followed by the Balearic Islands (855,737.92 euros); Community of Madrid (679,287.79); Valencian Community (647.081,98); Galicia (234.470,88); Castilla and Len (233.560,23); Basque Country (217.997,30); Castilla la Mancha (206.342,55); Murcia (142.522,91) Aragn (141.348,90); Asturias (107.765,40); Estremadura (106.466,13); Navarra (67.620,09); Cantabria (55.363,82); The Rioja (32.511,75); Ceuta (13,852.52) and Melilla (12.271).

Distribution criteria

According to the criteria of the Ministry, collected by Europa Press. for the first compartment of 5,000 million it is specified that two thirds of its amount is distributed according to the relative weight of the income indicator of each Autonomous Community and City, which measures GDP decline in 2020 moderate depending on the relative prosperity of each of them.

The income indicator for each autonomous region is the figure resulting from dividing the relative weight of each territorial entity in the 2020 GDP decline in relation to 2019 by their respective relative prosperity, measured through their per capita income with respect to the per capita income. national capita.

Two ninth parts of the amount are distributed according to the employment indicator, which considers the weighted average between the weight of the autonomous community in the total of registered unemployed in January 2020 and its contribution to the increase in national registered unemployment from January 31 to end of that exercise.

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One-ninth of its amount is distributed according to to the youth unemployment indicator (16-25 years) which, analogously to the previous criterion, considers the weighted average between the weight of autonomy in the total of young unemployed registered in January 2020 and its contribution to the increase in youth unemployment registered over the past year in the whole country.

Regarding the second compartment of 2,000 million euros, its distribution It will be carried out in proportion to their relative weight in the fall in 2020 of the Social Security affiliates in net terms. This indicator will be measured with the reduction in the annual average number of registered affiliates between 2019 and 2020, discounting the effect of the number of average ERTE workers in 2020.

The Ministry of Finance will transfer these resources to the autonomous regions in the ten days following the agreement entered into with each of these territories becomes effective. Although the territorial entities may also request that the release of these funds can be made later.

According to the criteria of

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