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The tragic world of child protection at the center of Yle’s Finnish novelty drama – Lotta Lehtikari needs more empathy from Finns – TV & movies

The domestic drama series Piece of the Heart, seen on Sunday evenings, hits and sinks because of its timeliness. The series opens up a challenging world for child protection workers. The main characters are Lotta Lehtikari and Niina Koponen.

Yle is invested in a really touching drama series for a long time. This is an eight-part A piece of heart series, which ranks in the world of child protection.

The series opens up the daily lives of child protection workers and the many ways in which working in a demanding environment can feel. Challenges are compounded by a lack of resources and a great deal of responsibility, which is constantly creating pressure.

The fictional story begins when Rita, who worked in Helsinki as head of the child protection unit (Lotta Lehtikari) returns to work after three months off work due to a police investigation.

Rita’s customer was 6-year-old Elli Saarni (Essi patrakka) has disappeared and Rita is accused of the situation. Rita has been responsible for the unfortunate investment decision.

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He ordered the custody of Elli, who had been in child protection for a long time, to his multi-problem father. It also turns out that Rita has had closer relationships with that family than her employment.

Lotta Lehtikari and Niina Koponen play child protection workers.­

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Rita on quite a contradictory, angular and stubborn figure. The delusion in working life feels strange given how passionate he is about his profession and the protection of children.

– Rita is herself a trauma-stricken person, and her traumas are slowly opening up in the series, says Lotta Lehtikari, who jumped into the main boots.

– Many situations in child protection are also so difficult that when I read the script myself, I sometimes had to think about whether Rita was doing right or wrong. However, the protagonists have a sincere desire to help and are fully dedicated to their work.

Oman Lehtikari was able to respond well to the challenging state of mind of his character, as he himself has lived through his own trauma.

– Fortunately, I’ve been terapiani and thereby find my own limits. I went into psychotherapy and Rosen therapy for 6-7 years, and after that I studied to be a Rosen therapist myself. Korona time I’ve done largely just Rosen-therapist in my work.

In a pandemic situation, there is also a demand for such.

– In the midst of this crisis, people have a special need for support, especially on the emotional side. I have a desire to help others, because I have come to be saved.

He also believes the novelty series will hit just the right time.

– This society desperately needs more empathy and compassion, which the Piece of the Heart series will hopefully evoke.

Child protection has recently been extensively part of the social debate, for example in connection with the Koskela tragedy.

– The time is just right for the series – now if ever this has to be presented. Hopefully it makes viewers think about how everyone treats other people and how to help both loved ones and strangers, says the other protagonist of the series Niina Koponen.

Laura (Niina Koponen, second left) and Rita (Lotta Lehtikari) solve the problems of children living in difficult conditions. The series, which can already be seen at Yle Areena, will start on TV1 on Sunday.­

Leaf herd and Koponen became acquainted with child protection before filming.

The actors met with child welfare workers and a few old clients so that they could identify with their role characters correctly and make home visits, for example, technically credible.

– Above all, the warm, safe and communicative atmosphere of the meetings came to mind, and I wanted to bring its humanity to the series as well, Koponen says.

According to him, it has been very successful through the TV implementation.

– The child protection cases in the series are gently presented to the viewers, and the story conveys care and sincerity. The concern for children goes so straight to my heart that the subject was often sensitized in the filming.

Lehtikari describes the story of the mystery drama as thriller-like. It moves on many different levels and has a lot of depth.

– Although the subject is tough, the story should not be scared, because it is not distressing. The best thing about the series is the strong hope it gives.

Sibling twin Aino Lappalainen and Anna Lappalainen the script took Lehtikari and Koponen right away.

Hanna Maylettin In the series directed by Rita, Rita will return to the field of child protection in the field of child protection, as she has been replaced by a new director, Jyrki (Martin Bahne).

Rita has been replaced by a new director (Martin Bahne) to lead the child protection unit.­

Rita gets an inexperienced Laura (Koponen) as a pole pair, and the beginning of the collaboration is stiff, because they are very different in nature.

What they have in common is that they take their profession with a big heart. The boundaries between work and private life are beginning to blur.

– Among other things, the series discusses how challenging it can be to balance work and family, Koponen says.

Home visits are a tough piece, especially for Laura, as they face alcoholism and assault. One case to follow is 16-year-old high school student Jasmin (Saimi Kahri), which will become a customer of Rita and Laura.

16-year-old high school student Jasmin (Saimi Kahri) becomes Rita and Laura’s child protection customer.­

Lehtikari believes that the series brings out in a whole new way the challenges and successes of employees, which are often completely invisible in child protection.

– Although the series is fictional, it paints a picture of how great work child protection does, how difficult and responsible it is and how fast decisions have to be made in it, Lehtikari says.

– Often those few unfortunate cases make headlines, but child protection makes day-to-day really valuable work that is usually known very little.

A piece from the heart on Sundays 28.3. from TV1 at 9:05 p.m.

Child protection notices on the rise

According to a report published by THL, the number of child protection notifications has doubled in ten years.

In 2019, a child protection declaration was made for 85,746 children.

The number of notifications (156,200) increased by 7% from the previous year.

An average of 1.8 child protection declarations were made per child.

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