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The Top 40 Foundation calls boycotts like that of Wahib ‘very rare’ | NOW

According to the Top 40 Foundation, the choice not to play Bilal Wahib’s Top 40 hit is very rare. With his latest single 501 With Ronnie Flex, Wahib is in third place on the weekly chart this week, but the single will not be heard much on the radio due to the boycott. “We have not experienced this in the past thirty years”, the organization says.

On Friday it was announced that a large part of the radio stations are boycotting Wahib’s music. This concerns the channels Qmusic, SLAM! and the NPO channels FunX and 3FM. The Top 40 is played almost completely every Friday afternoon at Qmusic. Radio 538 will continue to play its music.

The reason for the boycott is the surrounding Instagram incident Mocro Mafiaactors Wahib and Oussama Ahammoud Wednesday, in which Wahib asked a minor boy to show his genitals for a fee.

The last time a Top 40 hit was not played on the radio was almost thirty years ago, according to the Foundation. Then the dance project Fortuna featuring Satenig released a dance version of the Carmina Burana from Carl Orff. The record was listed in second place of the Top 40, but was not allowed to be played because the heirs of Orff had not given permission for the house editing.

“What was striking about this decision was that there was a lawsuit prior to the boycott. A judge then ruled that the music may no longer be played. This is not the case with Bilal, as radio stations decide for themselves”, notes the spokesperson said. The dance number has been allowed since 1992 Oh Fortuna can no longer be heard on radio or television.

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The foundation compiles the Top 40 based on streaming figures and airplay on the various radio stations. “We are curious if Bilal will fall from the list next week due to the boycott,” said the spokesman. Although, according to him, that chance is small. “It is rare for someone from such a high position to drop out of the list at once. But the numbers on Spotify do not show any decreases, there he still seems to be popular.”

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