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“The swab should be introduced only over three to four centimeters”, specifies the High Authority of Health

These self-tests are intended to be used in particular for the youngest, and for the private sphere, before a family reunion, for example, explained on franceinfo the head of the service for the evaluation of professional acts at the High Authority for Health.
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The self-tests “work like the antigen tests we all know already, except this time around, they’re going to be done on a nasal swab”, explained Tuesday, March 16 on franceinfo Cédric Carbonneil, head of the service for the evaluation of professional acts at the High Authority for Health, which has just authorized the performance of self-tests to detect Covid-19.

“Instead of having a swab that you will have to introduce to the bottom of the nasal cavity, which could indeed be very unpleasant, there, we are going to be on a different swab, a little larger, that we will have to introduce only three or four centimeters with a rotational movement at the level of the nasal cavities “, detailed the scientist.

“You will then have to extract the swab, put it in a tube with a small liquid, put a few drops of this liquid on the cassettes that you have seen in particular by pharmacists. In about fifteen minutes, we will have the appearance of different bands, a control band to make sure that the test worked well and, if you are positive, a second band “, continues Cédric Carbonneil.

“Now is the time to use it when, for example, you have to go see friends or family.”

Cédric Carbonneil, the High Authority for Health

to franceinfo

He also explained that “This self-test was intended for people over the age of 15 for anatomical reasons, since for children with small nostrils, it is a little more complicated”. According to Cedric Carbonneil, “This is a use that we wish to be restricted to the private sphere. You have planned to meet friends of the family: this self-test can be done by everyone, ideally on the day of the meeting, possibly the day before”. Finally, Cédric Carbonneil insisted on the fact that “any positive self-test must be confirmed by a PCR test, which will also allow characterization of the variant”.

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