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The survivors are planning a completely exceptional game movement – Kristian and Elias weave an unscrupulous plot like never seen before – TV & movies

Watch out for plot revelations! The atmosphere is tightened in the Survivors Finland program, when competitors believe that the reunification of tribes is approaching.

Currently rotating on TV Survivors Finland The program has already made good progress towards the middle of the competition. In the sixth episode of the program, the atmosphere is further condensed as hungry, cold-stained celebrity contestants each try their creative way forward in the race.

  • Don’t read the article any further if you don’t want to see the plot revelations!

Survivors also play a vital role in saving amulets this season, which has long been held by the BB winner on the Aasat team Kristian Heiskari as well as a musician Elias Gould. The holder of an immunity amulet can save himself or someone else from falling in the tribal council.

Until now, the amulets have been silently silenced, but now Elias decides to reveal his secret to Kristian.

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– Meits has an Amulet, Elias reveals.

– Don’t hesitate, Kristian laughs.

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Elias Gould confesses to Kristian Heiskar that he possesses an amulet of immunity.­

Kristian decides to show Elias his own amulet as well.

– I revealed that I have an Amulet, and that guy suddenly dug an amulet out of his own pocket and realized that we are both amulet holders, Elias wonders.

Competitors believe tribal reunification is already just around the corner. Amulets can no longer be used after tribal reunification.

– Elias is the one I trust the most, so I shared my own information with him. It no longer affects my game, here is one race and then I wait for the tribes to unite, Kristian believes.

– Today is the last day to use the Amulet. If we are destroyed today, then I will use it. At least I’m not going anywhere, we’re going to reunite the tribes, Kristian swears.

Kristian Heiskari decides to trust Elias Gould, after which the men begin to braid a completely exceptional plot.­

Indeed, men begin to weave a completely unprecedented game movement as Elias throws up the idea of ​​handing over amulets to another tribe.

– Sit keeps thinking a bit, not if we beat skaba, then we would like to give them to them, Elias ponders.

– To another tribe? Kristian asks.

– Yes, Elias says.

Kristian and Elias plan to save Vaanit’s Archie Cruz (center) and Niko Saarinen (right) if the team loses the integrity competition.­

If Kristian and Elias’ team won the inviolability contest, they would want to save the remaining men on the other team, rock star Archie Cruzin and a reality TV star Niko Saarinen.

– If it were possible at some point to slip. Because if we were to attack Archie, there would be one more guy, Kristian ponders.

– The guy throws Niko and the makeup to Archie, if they win, Kristian suggests as Elias nods.

– Sit it on both old tribal, so it is easily explained. Sit from there one Mimmi drops out, Kristian and Elias are planning.

How are the duo’s plans going? Survivors Finland Nelonen on Saturday at 8 p.m.

Ilta-Sanomat and Nelonen belong to the same Sanoma Group.

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