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the success of anti-waste applications



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D. Lachaud, M.Hauville, O.Darmostoupe, JC.Lambard

France 2

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Paying attention to our planet is also done on our scale, by our way of consuming, without wasting. To help us do this, many applications have landed on our phones.
Avoid the wastee food while saving money: this is the common point of all anti-wastees that have landed on our smartphones. Adèle, 25, uses one of them once a week. The “Phoenix” app offers half-price shopping baskets, which can be picked up directly from local merchants. His order of the day is a crate of vegetables sold for ten euros. For the trader, the application makes it possible to throw away less and better manage his stocks.

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The young woman sees a double advantage in this. “This makes it possible to limit the wastee because these products would end up in the trash, so there at least they are consumed, they will be eaten. And also, these are still good quality, organic products, which are produced locally. Its important to me“, she explains. Without this application, she would not have the means to buy such a basket. This year, the application has multiplied by six its number of subscribers.

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