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the success of anti-food waste applications


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France 2

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D. Lachaud, L. Bazizin, M.Hauville, A.Agbo, O.Darmostoupe, JC.Lambard

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France 2

France Televisions

Many applications fighting against food waste have appeared in recent years on our smartphones. Objective: to guide consumers towards more reasoned practices.
Do not throw food out of her fridge, Dorothée Bessière has made it her fight. This engineer created an application two years ago, which offers anti-waste, with our drawer bottoms. With stale bread and a few leftovers, the app suggests a savory muffin recipe. According to her, this approach allows big savings: up to 250 euros per month for a family of four.

Avoid the waste food while saving money: this is the common point of all anti-waste that have landed on our smartphones in recent years. Some also offer reduced-price shopping baskets, which can be collected directly from merchants. Traders thus avoid throwing away and consumers benefit from quality products at an advantageous price. Other brands, such as this Parisian boutique where the journalists from France Télévisions went, only sell products that have been rejected by large-scale distribution, for calibration problems, for example. Another way to limit the waste food. Each year, a French person throws away an average of 7 kilos of food products still in packaging.

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