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“the stimulus plan seems to be a missed opportunity”, “women are not even mentioned”, warns the Women’s Foundation

According to Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, member of the Women’s Foundation, we must “strongly revalue” care professions where women are very numerous.
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Faced with gender inequalities, “the stimulus package appears to be a missed opportunity”, declares Sunday March 28 on franceinfo Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, journalist and member of the Women’s Foundation who has just published a study on the professional situation of women.

franceinfo: What is the finding on these inequalities since the start of the health crisis?

Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette: The women have really suffered a double penalty. The first: confinement worsened their personal situation. They were on the front lines. Cashiers, nurses and all healthcare professionals were subjected to significant health risks. And when they stayed at home to telecommute, they did not benefit at all from a rebalancing of household chores. Then, the economic crisis has obviously penalized all the most precarious jobs: part-time employment and service jobs where there are the most women. Finally, the women are in the process of undergoing a third sentence. The sectoral 35 billion of the recovery plan are mainly allocated to professions which are, for the moment, occupied overwhelmingly by men such as ecological transition professions or technological professions.

What are the demands of the Women’s Foundation?

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Three things. First of all, strongly revalorize, much more than has already been done, the care professions and those occupied by women since it is said so much that they are essential. Then, it is absolutely necessary to train women so that they retrain in the professions of the future. We must give them the opportunity to train and also funding. And finally, eaconditionality. That is to say that each time we put billions on the table, there must be counterparts in terms of equality between women and men.

What will become of this report?

We will attract the attention of the government and the media. We really have an opportunity to get the best out of this stimulus package and, for now, we are seeing the worst. So it is absolutely necessary to alert the public authorities to this blind spot in their policy. Women are not even mentioned in the reminders. So there is a historic opportunity to make things better, but unfortunately there is also a historic opportunity to make them worse.

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