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The state’s measures during the “Corona” crisis boosted family bonding by 97% – Local – Health

The UAE government held a periodic media briefing to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the emerging coronavirus in the country “Covid-19”, during which it announced that the measures taken by the state contributed positively to enhancing family cohesion and bonding by 97%, in addition to the UAE government’s dealing with The repercussions of the pandemic contributed to spreading reassurance and a sense of safety among community members by nearly 98%.

In detail, the spokesperson for the community sector, Mona Khalil, confirmed that the United Arab Emirates has demonstrated its ability to deal with the Covid 19 pandemic and managed the crisis with high idealism under the slogan “Hand in Hand We Recover”, stressing that the country’s success in facing the pandemic was driven by the interest of the leadership Al-Rushaida and her insightful vision, which set strategies, launched initiatives, and directed the relevant institutions and departments to play their great national and humanitarian role, to present a wonderful model for the whole world in how to manage a crisis of this size

Khalil revealed the results of a recent study conducted by the Ministry of Community Development, to measure the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Emirati society, which showed that the measures taken by the state have positively contributed to enhancing family cohesion and cohesion by 97%. The pandemic contributed to spreading reassurance and a sense of safety among community members by about 98%.

She indicated that the results of the study showed that the UAE government’s measures to work remotely and support community members have achieved a high rate of happiness on a family and community scale that reached about 98%, while 96% of the respondents affirmed that the state has dealt distinctively in facing the challenges resulting from the crisis from Through compensation for the affected groups, and support for medium, small and micro enterprises, in a way that supports multiple economic activities.

Khalil said, “The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus imposed measures that people were not familiar with under normal conditions, including measures of social distancing. These measures reshaped life, codified activities that were daily habits and created new social norms,” ​​noting that many changes occurred during The “Covid-19″ pandemic, witnessed by the Emirati society, led to a significant change in the behavior of the individual and society and contributed to the increase in family rapprochement and community solidarity.

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Khalil added: “The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed many positive aspects in Emirati society, most notably community cohesion and solidarity among its members, and volunteering is one of the most prominent indicators of this cohesion, as we have noticed a great awareness and self-commitment from individuals, entities and volunteer teams to contribute to social initiatives that It would relieve the rest of the community and speed up the recovery process and return to a normal life. ”

And she continued: “The Covid-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of community efforts concerted with government efforts to eradicate this virus by changing some social habits in order to maintain the health and safety of all members of the community, as the community succeeded in its health and social commitment to strengthening preventive measures, and we witnessed” the virtual wedding. And “weddings without parties have been repeated with increasing frequency in the interest of the health of family and relatives, as they have prevented the burdensome costs.”

She stressed that the UAE attaches great importance to achieving happiness for all its residents in all circumstances, especially during the period of the Corona pandemic, which witnessed the adoption of a wide range of measures and proactive measures aimed at immunizing and protecting the health of community members, preserving the continuity and quality of services, as well as securing the utmost levels of social stability. And the economic economy for them and their families, which contributed to the state of tranquility and calm that characterized the Emirati society throughout this period.

Khalil indicated that the state has adopted an integrated system to protect senior citizens and people of determination from the repercussions of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, which included providing all forms of support and health and social care for them in their homes, as the UAE launched the national program for the home examination of Corona for citizens and residents, and provided free examinations. For senior citizens and residents, in addition to moral and psychological support programs to help them, people of determination and children overcome the challenges posed by the spread of the pandemic, in addition to providing them with vaccination in their homes with the aim of immunizing them from this virus.

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She pointed out that the Emirati interest in the happiness of community members during the Covid-19 crisis was not limited to the economic, health and service aspects, but extended to include psychological and societal support through campaigns and programs that worked to spread the positive spirit and provide advice and guidance that helped families alleviate the conditions of social distancing and overcome challenges. Imposed by the crisis.

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