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The State Duma is developing a bill obliging maniacs to transfer fees to victims – RT in Russian

State Duma deputies have begun developing a bill according to which criminals will have to transfer fees from interviews and books to their victims. Deputy Yevgeny Revenko told RT about this. The reason for such an initiative was the public outcry after the interview of the Skopinsky maniac Viktor Mokhov. Lawyers consider the initiative difficult. In turn, one of the victims of Mokhov, Ekaterina Martynova, believes that in general the idea is correct, however, in her opinion, it would be better to completely prohibit the maniacs from talking about their crimes.

State Duma deputies are developing a bill according to which all royalties from books and interviews will be transferred to criminals to their victims or their relatives. State Duma deputy Yevgeny Revenko announced this to RT.

Maniac and journalists

The reason for the initiative was the interview of Ksenia Sobchak with the Skopinsky maniac Viktor Mokhov, who was released on March 3, 2021.

Mokhov served almost 17 years for the abduction of Yekaterina Martynova and Elena Samokhina. For three years and seven months, he kept the girls in an underground bunker and periodically raped them. During this period, Elena became pregnant three times from Mokhov, and Katya had to take birth in confinement according to the textbook that the criminal brought them.

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The captives were rescued after they managed to hand over a note asking for help to the police.

In 2017, Catherine published the book “Confessions of a Dungeon Prisoner”, in which she spoke about the nightmare she experienced in her youth.

Viktor Mokhov, who was serving a sentence in the Saratov region, also received offers from journalists to give interviews. The maniac refused to meet with media representatives.

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However, as RT found out earlier, shortly before his release, the maniac began to prepare the ground for monetizing his crimes – to look for media employees on social networks, offering to give interviews after being released for a fee.

According to media reports, on the way home, Mokhov stopped in Moscow and took part in one of the talk shows. In addition, the maniac gave an interview to Ksenia Sobchak, in which he stated that he had just “stumbled” and he had to “deal with” one of the captives again.

Mokhov’s revelations caused a scandal and wide discussion about whether it is possible to give the floor to rapists and murderers in the media and pay them royalties.

According to Deputy Yevgeny Revenko, it is necessary to legislate a norm that would oblige both the authors of publications and former prisoners who write memoirs to transfer fees to victims.

“We are just starting to work on the initiative. Now colleagues are working on the text, studying the legal field to see how this can be implemented. The initiative is not only mine, but belongs to a number of people. There is a process of study, formulation. There are already some developments. But we cannot contribute anything yet, because this is not a quick matter, “Revenko told RT.

Controversial initiative

However, lawyers suggest that this initiative will be difficult to implement in practice.

Shota Gorgadze’s lawyer says that more than 90% of fees in such cases are transferred unofficially, in an envelope, and it is impossible to control this.

“Besides, this is a very controversial initiative and morally questionable. For example, a family lost a child as a result of the actions of a maniac. And then he goes free and tells how he killed, and transfers money to his parents. Any parent will want to silence him and shove this money into him somewhere, ” Gorgadze explains his position to RT. “I believe that a more effective law would be to prohibit maniacs from giving interviews about the events of the crime.”

He noted that a certain part of society may consider such an approach a violation of freedom of speech. However, the lawyer believes that in this case, the rights and freedoms of the victims of criminals play an important role and they should be given priority.

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The lawyer of the Moscow Bar Association, retired Interior Ministry colonel Yevgeny Chernousov, told RT that, in his opinion, such interviews with criminals could be dangerous for society.

“You cannot interview these people, because nowadays young people are susceptible to the fact that in this way they can become famous, become popular. This example is contagious, ”Chernousov said.

He notes that there are other initiatives that are more in demand in this situation.

“As a person who worked for 30 years in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and Russia, I know about this problem firsthand. This category of people is partly sick. They have mental disorders that manifest themselves at the time of the crime. Therefore, before being released, they must undergo a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination. If these people can harm others, then they should be placed in a special institution for treatment, ”Chernousov said.

He also noted that according to the current legislation, it is impossible to ensure the safety of people who are near the maniac, and there is also a great risk of re-committing a crime.

“He does not have electronic bracelets, so it is impossible to track their movements. And if he, being under administrative supervision, commits a crime again? ” – the lawyer asks.

“Impossible task”

President of the public organization “Collective Defense” Marat Amanliev told RT that if the initiative is adopted, it will be necessary to rewrite the legislation.

“Such a bill will not pass a single reading, and it will not be adopted, because for this it will be necessary to rewrite the entire Civil Code,” the lawyer said.

According to him, it would be more useful to pass a law prohibiting the approach of criminals for the rest of their lives to their victims, even if the conviction is canceled.

“If a person violates this prohibition, then introduce administrative responsibility,” Amanliev explains. – With regard to crimes of sexual inviolability, then, when approaching the victims, it is necessary to immediately introduce criminal liability. It also requires discipline from the executive branch of government. Because you can introduce as many bans and restrictions as you want, but if, when you call, they say to you: “How will they kill, call,” then all the bills will be useless. “

“Not needed and unpleasant”

In turn, in an interview with RT, the victim of the Skopinsky maniac, Yekaterina Martynova, said that the practice of transferring fees to victims exists in other countries.

“I know that there is something like that in America, if a criminal makes money through public activities, then they give all the money to the victims. It is right. Since this is how the perpetrator is given the floor and he can speak out and somehow earn money, then it is right to give money to the victims. But if you take me, when the law comes into force, I do not really need money from a maniac and are pleasant. It would be good if it was simply forbidden to speak out about the crimes that people have committed, and not to make money on it, ”Martynova told RT.

She noted that measures to protect victims of violence are being discussed in her Invincible Foundation. And the most important of the measures is to control the social networks of the person who committed the crime, so that he does not intrude into the victim’s life in any way.

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