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The starter: ‘Not been without assignments since June’ | NOW

The corona crisis does not seem to have slowed down the entrepreneurial drive in the Netherlands. In the last six months of 2020, the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) had more start-ups than a year earlier. How did starters experience their first year? This week we ask Victor van Dorst, independent interim financial.

  • How: Victor van Dorst (36)
  • Company: Van Dorst Finance Support
  • Started: March 2020

Why did you start for yourself?

“I worked as an employee for many years. In itself I was enjoying myself, but I found myself lacking control. I just had a young family and wanted more flexibility in what kind of work I did and when. Being self-employed brings there are risks that you do not have as an employee, but I now have complete control over the future of my career. ”

You started a business at the beginning of a pandemic. What role did that play?

“I had been working towards the start of my company for some time, but I resigned from employment in February 2020 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce in March 2020. It was just around that time that corona started to appear. what was going to happen, suddenly the future was a lot more uncertain. I thought about it carefully, and still chose to continue with my business as I had planned before. ”

“The market was bad because of the crisis – many companies were in a panic and did not want to hire external parties for a while – but I still managed to find assignments.”

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Victor van Dorst, independent interim financial

Did you not hesitate?

“There are always reasons to think of not doing something, I think. Corona is a very big one, but I did not take this step overnight either. In 2019 I already started with the preparations and I had already gained the necessary experience in paid employment. Due to the crisis, the market was bad – many companies were in panic and did not want to hire external parties – but I still managed to find assignments. Since June 2020 I have actually not been without assignments . ”

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

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“The freedom you have to organize your own time. In salaried employment I had the feeling that I missed a lot of moments with the children. And if I can’t stand something, it’s grind. The great thing about being self-employed is that the work never becomes ‘standard’. With every new assignment you report to a new organization with new people and the work is slightly different from the last time. ”

Is there anything troublesome?

“Working completely remotely was new to me, and networking remotely too. I found that more difficult than having the opportunity to talk to someone in real life.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I want to further professionalise my company and get started with more different areas of expertise. I hope this will attract orders from larger companies in the future. I also want to continue to develop through training. I have not yet reached the ceiling in terms of knowledge. . ”

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